Blog Update 02/02 – The 411

IVF #6 - acupuncture session 2 1

Today was my weekly acupuncture session.  I am suffering from insomnia a bit so it is becoming hard for me to function in the mornings when I have to go out.  I dragged myself out of bed at 9:15 am and hopped in the shower and got dressed.  I was up most of the night and did not go to sleep until around 6:30 am and then I was back up at 8 am and was watching tv.

IVF #6 - acupuncture session 2

The acupuncture session went well, and I was there for a little over an hour.  I left and headed to the grocery store to get the items I needed to make Beef Herb Vegetable Soup.  I then made a Target run to pick up a prescription and then had an early lunch at Chick Fil A.   I came home, put on my soup, and have been on 100 all day.   It is now 6:00 pm and I am just sitting down and about to eat a bowl of soup and watch the new hit tv series, Lucifer.   It is actually a pretty good show….

I guess I should start packing… I am leaving Friday to go visit my sister in NC for the weekend to see my nephew play in his basketball game and then my mom and I are headed to DC on Sunday.  My mom has to have a PETscan on Monday to determine what the mass is in her right breast, that was just operated on and radiated, is.  The doctor thinks it is just scar tissue, but she wanted them to be certain, so that she knows what she is dealing with.  I pray that it is only scar tissue.  I do not see how a tumor could grow back that fast after two rounds of different chemos and 39 radiation sessions.  Please keep her in your prayers…

UPDATE 1/12 – The 411

IVF 5 - Keep Calm Keep Stimming

Whew !  Making progress….  I am starting to feel like my old self !!

Today was the last day of the z pack and other than slight bowel issues, I am pretty much back to normal.  Things seem to be clearing up from the bottom end too, thank goodness LOL.

The doctors office called today and gave me instructions.  I continue on my same meds until Thursday and then I stop the Lupron only on Thursday.  On Friday, I start to 1ml progesterone in oil injections and the three times a day vaginal Endometrin progesterone.

On Friday, my eggs will be thawed and fertilized and I am PRAYING for ALL seven of them to come thru for me !!  I decided to drive from Washington DC since my mother now wants to come with me.  I am picking up a rental on Friday at the airport after my baseline appointment on Friday and will leave for Syracuse at 2am on Saturday.

Saturday morning at 10 am, I have to report to CNY for the HCG wash and the two bag intralipid infusion.  Dr. Kiltz wants to do the wash a couple of days before the transfer because it has proven to be more effective.

My mom had to have two teeth surgically removed yesterday that were damaged by chemo.  There goes my plan to go to Dinosaur BBQ lol.   She will have to nibble on soup or something…  I will relax on Sunday and get ready for the transfer on Monday morning and we will drive back to DC on Tuesday morning early.  My niece is set to be induced on Monday if she has not gone into labor by then.  She was due on Monday the 11th.

So, here we go !  Twins 2016 underway !!!

Lining Check – The 411

coming soon

Today, I went in for blood work at the hospital lab and then over to the women’s imaging center for my sonogram.  My lining is 7mm and is trilaminar !  My nurse called and is scheduling my egg thaw for Friday and my transfer for Monday.

My sono results came in but the blood work was not in when I talked to her. She is going to call me tomorrow with additional instructions, but for now, I am to stay on the Lupron and all other meds.  I am calling in my prescription for viagra and will take one pill per day vaginally for three days and I will go in for another lining scan on Friday (just because I am paranoid !)

Please keep me in your prayers and send up prayers on Friday that ALL SEVEN of my eggs survive the thaw and that ALL SEVEN fertilize and become embryos !!

I am feeling a lot better.  I am having issues from the ulcer, which was to be expected.  The z-pack also causes loose bowels so that coupled with the yeast infection I have now developed, I am NOT a happy camper lol.    These are the breaks eh?

Well, until tomorrow ~

UPDATE 1/10 – The 411


Today is my 27th Stim day.  I got up and took my meds, did my AM injections and then went out with my mom to run some errands.  At noon, I met with some of the local ladies on my SMBC board on FB at a nice restaurant in Arlington, VA.  It was great meeting them and their little ones.

I came back to my sister’s house after riding in traffic on I-95 and my sister made chicken pho for me.


Today, I feel a lot better than I have been all week, except the two courses of antibiotics I have been on have given me vaginal irritation !  Could this get any worse?  I picked up a box of Monistat 1 and a boatload of yogurt.  Surprisingly, Activia tastes really good !  I also picked up some Cranberry granola too.  I will be downing yogurt for the next few days.  There is nothing I hate more than vaginal irritation !

For those who follow my blog regularly,  I am going to continue updating on this cycle, however, I am going to password protect the entries to protect my privacy.  I do not want the entire world questioning me about what is going on with this cycle and I only want to talk about it when I’m ready to.  Please email me with your WordPress user name to get the password !!


Until tomorrow ~

Update 1/09 – The 411


Today is my second day on z pack and I am still struggling to keep food down.  My stomach has at least stopped burning.  I woke up at 4:00 am hungry for the first time all week and guilted my mom and sister into taking me to Waffle House for grits and toast.  I ate and it came back up a few hours later, if that long.

I was incredibly touched that Dr. Kiltz contacted me to check on me yesterday evening.   Nothing like having doctors who care about you! !

I am feeling better than I was yesterday and am now back in the bed and resting.  It is sad that the majority of restaurants only serve cream based soups in lieu of broth based.  I have wanted chicken noodle soup all day.

My sister is going to make Pho tomorrow for me.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend !!

Stim Day 25 UGH! – The 411


Today is my 25th day stimming and I am miserable ! This tummy ulcer sucks and I am nauseous and feeling a bit weak.

My RE called in a prescription for a Z pack.  My mom and sister went and picked it up and brought me a sweet tea from McDonalds.  I took the first dosage of two pills and I have to take one for the next four days.  Thank goodness I have not experienced side effects from this med yet.

I have been sleeping off and on all day.  I can tell I have lost a few pounds from not eating these past couple of days.  My stomach, which was a lot more bloated from the injections has gone down some.

I hope by the end of the weekend I am starting to feel normal because this kicks rocks !

Update 01/07 – The 411


Today is my 24th day of stims and I feel absolutely crappy.  My tummy is burning and hurting.  My RE is calling a script for a z pack and I think he is stopping the LDN until my tummy ulcer heals.

We arrived in DC this morning and went to lunch at Benihana, but I could not eat my food because my stomach was burning so badly.

I have been in the bed since we came back and my mom has been forcing me to drink Pepto Bismol.  I am going to give it a few more hours and if I am still feeling lousy, I am going to get up and go to the emergency room.  I will forego taking any more pills today and tomorrow except the Metformin and Prevacid and  hopefully that will help.

Fingers crossed that I feel better.  😦

Blog Update 01/06 – The 411


Today is the 23rd day of jabbing myself with needles and ramming up to 25 pills down my throat.  Today is the 4th day of extreme queasiness and the 1st day I am starting to feel better.

Last night, once I felt the queasiness pass, I was hungry and decided to make gluten free 10 cheese mac and cheese. BADIDEA.COM

I felt horrible about an hour after eating it and my stomach burned all night !

Imagine how happy I was when I realized that I only have to take the doxycycline for a total of five days ! So tomorrow, I get sprung ! Last day of torture !

I am traveling tomorrow to Washington DC.  I am hoping that this time my hotel room is available upon my early am arrival !  I hate waiting around or having to select another room when I had already pre-selected the one I wanted.

I am all packed and ready to leave in the wee hours.

I am excited that my appointment is on Monday and I learn my transfer date.  Hopefully everything looks good with my uterus/ lining and I can transfer this month.

On Wednesday,  my mom has to go in for a Petscan to make sure the cancer has not metastasized.  She hasn’t been feeling well and sleeps more than normal.  Prayerfully, it is just the medications she is on causing these symptoms.  I won’t let my mind go beyond that thought.  2016 is going to be a year of complete healing and prosperity in every thing, on every level.  I am trusting God for that !!



Blog Update 01/05- The 411


Today, I spent most of the day laying around in bed until I finally got up around 12:30 pm and headed to Target to pick up my prescriptions.

I am still feeling queasy but nowhere near as bad as I did the first two days.  This morning, after breakfast, I took both of the doxycycline at the same time so I could just get it over with.

Upon waking this morning, my mom came to me to show me some posts  Cristal, using one of aliases, had posted on my films Facebook page.  She liked the page then proceeded to post lies about my family, me and my ex.  I blocked the username and then banned her from the page.  I then spent the next 30 minutes going to each of the pages I admin and blocked anyone from ever being able to post on it.  After seven months, you would think this demon would have gone away and found a new target.  I am beyond the point of wanting to meet her down a dark alley and beating the brakes off of her, but what would that solve?  She is mentally insane.  I will be visiting NYPD and the FBI offices again while I am back home in NYC next week.  Enough is enough.

After 22 days of stimming and 10 more to go, I am worn out with sticking myself and swallowing pills !

Since I am feeling a little better, I got up and decided to bake buttermilk banana nut bread with all the bananas my film crew had to have and never ate.  I have three large loaves in the oven now.  I will ship them to my brother in law and friends.

Tomorrow, I plan to make homemade grape candied apples.  A friend has been experimenting with various flavored candy apples and they look amazing.  I bought all the stuff last week at Hobby Lobby, so I will make some tomorrow and ship them to my nieces and nephews.

Tomorrow, I have decided to forego injecting the Delestrogen and will switch to doing the 3 Estrace vaginally.  I am praying my lining cooperates, thickens, but doesn’t thicken over 16mm.  I am ready to get this show on the road !

My cryobank delivery will arrive at the clinic on Friday !! Yay !!  Things are moving forward and expenses are again racking up. It was sooooo nice the past six months to keep all my money to myself and not have to spend most of it on meds and ivf related stuff.  In the end, I pray it’s worth it and not over $100,000 blown on a dream.  2016 is the year my dream WILL come true !