Quarantine Life- The 411


Soooo… 2020 is full of Crazy Crap eh?

My year started out full of hope. I landed a dream gig acting in a major theatrical production. Then my mom had to have emergency spinal surgery, which corrected a lot of her issues, especially balance and chronic back pain and the severe depression that accompanies chronic pain. Then my nephew’s team was to play in the NCAA and we went to NC to see the team play at the end of February and a few weeks later, took off for NCAA in Dallas/ Ft Worth. My brother in law rented a beautiful house downtown Ft Worth and we were going to have a blast. BUT CORONA LA’SHAY DA-VIRUS brought her raggedy tail on the scene and wrecked our 2020 Perfect Vision New Century plans ! NCAA got cancelled. Travel bans were put in place. The day after we landed in Dallas, I mysteriously had conjunctivitis in my right eye ! I woke up the next day and could taste NOTHING and my nose and the baby’s nose were running. I had a slight sore throat. I figured the pollen was just bad and my seasonal allergies were kicking in.

We stayed in Dallas the rest of the week and watched the Rona shut every thing down ! More and more cases were being announced ! We decided to cut our trip short and fly back to the condo at the beach. NYC was definitely a NO NO ! We got home and the next day, the baby and I felt like we were getting the flu or something. The baby had a fever and was sleeping a lot. My tummy and throat started burning like I had swallowed hot lava for three days so I climbed in bed and stayed, except to cook meals for our elderly neighbors. After a week of feeling like I had been hit by a truck, things leveled off and then my baby was very whiny and my mom started showing symptoms and they both had fevers, which I never got. Another two weeks of fatigue and symptoms persisted. I was finally able to get testing ordered at week 3. It took 11 days to get the results ! Thank goodness, we all had mild symptoms in comparison to what others are going through and that we never had any upper respiratory issues with the lungs.

Fast forward to quarantine week…. what week is this? Week 7 for us I think ! I have completed my cookbook FINALLY and ended up with 305 recipes total. I hired an editor and layout designer and the book will be ready for print in a week and a half and launches on all major retail sites by May 30th ! The Foodie’s Bible has been born ! My cooking show will soft launch on YouTube next month as well. My film crew is on lock down and so are we !

I have created so many new recipes over the past few weeks that we have been locked up in the house ! I am writing them all down and compiling additional smaller themed cookbooks. I can not wait to see how they come together. The baby has been helping me cook and she even taped a sample episode of my cooking show this past week.

What are you doing to pass the time?