Late Anatomy Scan – The 411


Yesterday, we had a late anatomy scan at Lenox Hill Hospital- Black Hall.  The scan went really well. My little one is very stubborn !  This time, they could not see her heart nor her measure her head because she would not move no matter which way they had me turn.  Her spine, eyes, organs, limbs, etc. are all perfect.  Her heartbeat is strong and steady.  I got to see her little face in 4D.

Next week, we have travel back to New York for a few days because the late anatomy scan has to be repeated to try to get a look at the heart and head.  If she doesn’t cooperate next week, we have to go see a Pediatric Cardiologist for him to to the scan.

After the appointment with at Lenox Hill, I had to rush uptown a few blocks to see Dr. Minor, the high risk faternal fetal medicine doc. It was really a pointless appointment since (1) she did not have my chart because I normally go to the 5th Ave location and (2) she was annoying and asking me questions outside of the scope of what I was there for or frankly that was not her concern.  She also wanted to go toe to toe with me in a discussion about reproductive immunology, something she knows NOTHING about and a subject I, unfortunately, am well versed in at this point.  She seemed pissed that she could not flex her “knowledge” about what research says simply because I am armed with knowledge that will refute the foolishness she was spouting.  Research is flawed and this is NOT an exact science.  This doctor has NO children.  She has not spent the last three to four years going through treatment and consulting with the top RIs in the country and she is not pregnant due to protocols and their work…. I AM !

She sent me to get a Quad test, which I learned today at my appointment with my OB, Dr. Karamitsos, had already been done.  She also tried to tell me that I do not need to take Metformin.   Is she going to deal with the symptoms if I develop GD?  No !  I AM !  I am willing to do whatever preventative measures I have to to ensure that I stay as healthy and complication free as possible.   She tried to tell me that my baby will not grow properly and that she needs some sugar….  I drink a soda every day.  I drink a 32 oz sweet tea every day.  That is enough sugar !  My baby is measuring RIGHT ON TARGET so what is she talking about?

Today, I had an appointment with my OB.  He listened to the baby’s heartbeat and went over the results of the blood work and the scan results.  I got a script for my breast pump and he told me to get the Medela Pump In Style.  I have to get a TDAP vaccine at my next appointment.  He wants my mother to get one as well.  NY is a hotspot for Whooping Cough so it is advisable that anyone who is to be in contact with the baby on a consistent basis to be vaccinated.  He is hoping that the flu vaccine will be ready by the end of September so that I can get that vaccine prior to giving birth. My posterior partial placenta previa is still present so I am still grounded, which is a bummer !  I wanted to go to Italy with my mom and sisters and I can not go now.  I have to wait until wk 26 to see what is going on at that point.  I will be too big to be traveling by the time we get that close and also I feel its too close to my due date to be out of the country. 😦

After my appointment, I took my mother to her favorite boutique which is around the corner from my 1st apartment.  We then ate lunch at Burger Joint.  Now we are back at the hotel relaxing and I am about to order a movie and start searching for a sublet for the time I need to be in NYC.  The one I was hoping to secure is not available since the owner found someone who can stay all summer.  I am not paying rent for time I do not intend to be here.  My landlord is supposed to hold a 1br for me for the three months I need a place, but I would much rather be in midtown or a little further down on the UES.  My apartment building is only 4 yrs old, so that is one of the draws, but I just do not want to be up near Harlem, as there is nothing to do.


My belly finally is a bump !

Seventeen Weeks and Counting ! – The 411



How your baby’s growing

My baby’s skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord — her lifeline to the placenta — is growing stronger and thicker. The baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and she’s around 5 inches long from head to bottom. She can move her joints, and her sweat glands are starting to develop.

How Mommy’s life’s changing

Starting to feel a bit off balance? As your belly grows, your center of gravity changes, so you may begin to occasionally feel a little unsteady on your feet. Try to avoid situations with a high risk of falling. Wear low-heeled shoes to reduce your risk of taking a tumble; trauma to your abdomen could be dangerous for you and your baby.

You may also notice your eyes becoming drier. Using over-the-counter lubricating drops may help. If your contact lenses become uncomfortable, try wearing them for shorter stretches of time. If you still have discomfort, switch to glasses until after you give birth.

How Far Along?

Seventeen Weeks Zero Days

How Big Is The Little One?

My baby is the size of a Turnip !  She should weigh about 5 ounces.

Total Weight Gain / Loss?

I have lost two pounds

Maternity Clothes?

I am still wearing my normal clothing, which are still too big.  I will be glad when I pop so that I can rock my maternity jeans I bought months ago.


I still have off and on insomnia.   It is currently 4 am and I am up writing this blog post.

Best Moment of the Week?

Last week, I vacationed in Las Vegas with my mom and then headed to New York this week.  On Monday, I had my 16 week anatomy scan and all was well.   I got to see my little one and boy has she grown !  Her legs and arms are so long and she has the cutest long fingers.  On Tuesday, I got to tour the hospital where I will be delivering my baby girl. It was a relief to be able to envision everything.  On Wednesday, I had my monthly OB appointment with Dr. Karamitsos and everything is going well.  He had to move my delivery date back three days because the date I wanted conflicts with the days he is in the hospital and I refuse to deliver with any other doctor.   So instead of a Friday, I will deliver on a Monday. I guess the exciting part of my week was meeting Fantasia Barrino and her band in the lobby of my hotel, as they were staying there this week too.


I still have no appetite and have to eat by force every four hours.  I re-injured my achilles tendonitis yesterday as I started up the stairs.  My right heel popped and then I felt this burn.  I have my foot wrapped in ACE bandage and if it doesn’t feel any better by Sunday, I am going to the emergency room at the hospital by my mom’s old residence and let them treat it.  Hopefully they can inject it with cortisone, if it is not detrimental to my baby.  I can not imagine having to deal with heel pain while gaining weight with this pregnancy over the next five months.  It took over six months for my heels to heal when this happened over the summer.

I have an increased sense of urinary urgency.  My placenta is low lying and my baby likes to lie at the bottom of my uterus and doesn’t see a need to move up.  Although my placenta has moved up quite a bit since the last scan, the doctors are not worried and feel as the uterus rises, the issue will hopefully resolve itself.

Food Cravings?

I have no appetite.  I have no real cravings this week….  The only dish I have given thought to is swiss steak, so I will get my mom to make some maybe next week when I can fathom eating steak.

Food Aversions?

Salty foods and sugary treats.


Baby girl who still has no name !  Any suggestions?

Labor Signs?


What I Miss?

The occasional glass of wine

What I Am Looking Forward To?

Holding my daughter and trying on all these outfits and little tees I have bought her.  I look forward to seeing her in her first church outfit I bought her from Gymboree.


Still no real bump… just a pouch.   I am 4.5 months pregnant and still no real bump.  Maybe I will not end up looking like Orca or Shamu !  🙂

Navel In/Out?


Baby Purchases?

I ordered five or six onesie/ legging sets from Carters since they were 70% off.  I only bought NB size.   I do not want to purchase a bunch of clothing that she will quickly outgrown and not get a change to wear, so I bought gowns, tees, and onesies.  I am avoiding any clothing with snaps.  It is too much work !


IVF #4 Underway – Hysteroscopy with Biopsy – The 411

baby - sick

Yesterday, I arrived at Lenox Hill Hospital at 5 am, an hour before I was to report.  I sat in the waiting room and watch Law and Order until it was time to go upstairs to the 10th floor to the same day surgery center.  I went up and checked in and was quickly taken to my pre-op room and met with the intake nurse.  I was given my gown, robe, and socks to change into and then the nurse brought me a warm blanket.  My nurse came by to ask me the same questions I had already been asked by the intake nurse and another nurse.  I then met with the Anesthesiologist and he asked me the same questions then explained what he would be doing.  I asked what meds he would be administering and I was getting propofol and toradol if needed for pain.

Next, the surgical resident came and asked me again the same questions and introduced herself and shortly after Dr. Moisa came in to introduce herself and ask me about my IVF journey and other questions, as she was filling in for my OB, Dr. Karamitsos.  Soon, I was taken to the OR, removed my robe, adjusted the silly cap they gave me to cover my hair, laid on the table and was freezing while they got me warm blankets, hooked up a monitor, put in my IV and then gave me an oxygen mask.  I remember the propofol going in because it burns, starting in the vajayjay and then quickly coming up.  The last thing I remember is the Anesthesiologist telling me I was going to sleep now and feeling the burning in my chest.  I woke up at 9 am in the recovery room and was coughing up phlegm.  I asked for pain meds and then I went back to sleep until 10 am.

I was ready to get up out of there at 10:30 or so and my make up artist had to come sign me out and take me to Penn Station because the hospital would not release me on my own.  One of my producers was supposed to be in the city awaiting a call from the hospital, but he did not show up due to a sprained ankle.

I got to Penn Station and waiting on my train the DC (which was 5 mins late !) I slept all the way to DC on the Acela and then got off and my mom came to get me.  I got to my mom’s house, and went straight to bed.

This morning, I awoke to a very sore throat and chest congestion.  I called the doctor on call and he said as long as I did not have a fever, the irritation from the tubes they put down my throat should clear up in two days max.  I explained to him that I have a history of pneumonia and I can not afford to get sick going into an IVF cycle.  He assured me that it is just irritation and a little fluid from the moist oxygen.  Hopefully this does clear up and if not, I will go to the emergency room here tomorrow evening for antibiotics.

Thanks for all of your well wishes and support and SpiritBaby, thanks for texting to wish me well just before my procedure!  I was so touched !  🙂    I was in surgery and my mom was in Northern VA undergoing chemo.  What a day !



IVF #4 – Hysteroscopy with Biopsy Tomorrow – The 411

baby - surgery

This morning I went to LabCorp on my way to the gym to have six tubes of blood drawn for presurgery prep for my surgery tomorrow.  I had to have a CBC,  Complete Metabolic Panel, HIV, TSH, HCG, and some other test I have never heard of.  I am so sick of them always sticking me in my left arm.  Thank goodness that arm and vein have healed since it has had a little rest since October.

After my labs, I ran to the grocers to get chicken breast, fresh mushrooms (to make garlic mushroom chicken) and fish fillets.  I had fish and hushpuppies for breakfast after I got back from the my morning weight training.  Today was leg, glutes and abs day. Note, I have lost 22 lbs thus far !!

I am going through mental withdrawals since cutting out beef and pork from my diet.  In doing research, I learned that pork, beef, and lamb are carnivores which produce a sugar that human bodies do not.  By eating it, our immune systems inflame and go into attack mode.  It is advised that we consume no more than two grams per day.  Since I have autoimmune issues and I need to keep my immune system at bay, I have temporarily cut those meats from my diet.  I will eat chicken, turkey and fish from here on out.

So, I am trying to figure out what to wear tonight ! I am in DC area at my moms and the temperature has plummeted.  It is NEGATIVE SIX outside with the wind chill !  UGH.  It is going to be snowing in NYC tomorrow.  I will arrive in NYC tomorrow morning at 5 am and have to report to the hospital at 6 am for my procedure.  I will be on the table at 7:30 am so please send up some prayers and well wishes for me at that time.  The procedure should be thirty minutes tops.  I am nervous because my OB is not on call tomorrow and one of the female doctors in the practice, whom I have never met, is doing my procedure.  For those who know me, I research the HELL out of doctors and staff that I deal with and do not like change at all !  I wish Dr. K were able to do my surgery, but it is what it is…

My Suction D&C with Genetic Testing – The 411

My Suction D&C with Genetic Testing -  The 411

Yesterday, I arrived at Lenox Hill Hospital at 1:00pm. On the way in, I ran into my NYC RE, Dr. Tomer Singer. He grabbed me, hugged me and again said how sorry he was about my loss. He said he saw me on the schedule, wished me luck with the procedure and told me to be sure to come in weekly for beta monitoring.

While sitting at the hospital, I checked my emails and my RE from CNY Fertility Center and Spa, Dr. Michael Grossman and also my travel nurse, Greta, both emailed me to wish me luck with the procedure and express condolences. My entire medical team has been amazing ! They have been calling and emailing me daily to see how I am doing.

I went to the 10th floor of the hospital, checked in for my 4 pm procedure and shortly the intake nurse took me to the back. She gave me a bag with a gown, robe and slippers, and sat me in a nice reclining chair in the pre-surgical wait area. Dr. Harry Karamitsos, my OB from Manhattan Physician’s Group, came over, had me sign some documents, explained what was going to happen and made sure I was doing okay. He kept saying how sorry he was that the first cycle did not end in a live birth and that he was here for me moving forward. He went over to some office in the hospital to pick up the PGD kit and came back with it and told me to have the nurse leave it in my chart. It was a large, weird shaped vial with pink liquid in it.

Later the nurse came over to ask me interview questions and then had me change into the gown, robe and slippers. She then had me sign my advance directive and then went to get my mother.

As I sat waiting on the Anesthesiologist, my wait turned into several hours. The case before me ran into some kind of complications and her surgery, whatever it was, ended up taking from 3pm to 8:30pm. I did not go into the OR until 9:15pm.

I was given the option of postponing until the next morning, but I opted to wait and get it over with. I did not want to risk my body starting a natural miscarriage ! I was already starting to cramp and was experiencing pink tinges on toilet paper and “she was not doing that !” No having contractions for hours, passing clots, then the fetus, followed by gushing blood, pain, etc… No Thank You !

The Anesthesiologist came out and asked me a ton of questions and my OB introduced us and told me the Dr. D was his father’s anesthesiologist when he had bypass surgery. Dr. D was a pretty cool doctor. He calmed me right down. I was then led to the OR by my two nurses and the older one told me she had just had IVF. We talked about it on the walk to the OR.

Once in the OR, it was COLD ! I met a male surgical assistant, another nurse, the two that walked me down, my Anesthesiologist and Dr. Karamitsos. It was a full on circus of people.
I got on the bed after disrobing and then my IV was started. I did not remember much after the meds went in as I was OUT ! I woke up at 9:55pm and was like wow… that’s it? Done? Dr. Karamitsos and Dr. D were standing over me and asking how I felt. I was like HUNGRY ! Dr. K went out to talk to my mom and I was rolled to recovery. I am not quite sure how and when I ended up on a different bed… Weird! You fall asleep on a bed with a hole under your tush and wake up on a stretcher type bed, LOL.

In recovery, I was wide awake. I was not queasy nor nauseated. I told the nurse all they gave me was Toradol… that was not that bad of a drug… not like propofol or versed… I am awake, alert and ready to go !

After lying still for 40 mins. I was placed in a chair. I was giving apple juice and graham crackers. After demonstrating that I was okay and not nauseated, I was permitted to go to the bathroom and get dressed.  I had a little bleeding but nothing too bad.  I was irked because I was hoping to NOT have another period for at least 12 months… oh well, at least it was mild spotting.

I was discharged at 11 pm and my mom wanted to catch a cab, but I felt fine and wanted to take the subway to Penn Station to take the train to her house.  I decided not to stay in NYC until the next day and just go to Northern VA to her house so I can relax, not have to deal with people and rest.

My mom spoils me and my sister lives about 50 miles from my mom so I can get her husband, who owns a catering company to make me chopped chicken bbq on his 8 ft barrel grill 🙂  I figure I will milk this cow while I can… everything will be back to normal soon enough LOL.

Yesterday, I was bombarded with emails, texts and calls from my production team, friends, social media friends wondering what was going on…  It was team too much !  I had to express that I will post exactly what I want exposed about my personal life.  When you are in the public eye, people who only know you on social media or thru your work, seem to think they can inbox you or post asking personal questions.  I forgot to make the picture I posted visible only to my friends…  I got so many questions of concern and downright nosey-ness !  I just ignored the posts and inboxes.  I am already filming my whole journey for reality tv, so I refuse to put much else on display.  Now I wish I had waited to post that pic so that only my friends/ fam can see it.  I took the pic off my profile so that killed all the curiosity…

Anyway, I got to DC this morning, hopped in the car and drove out to my mom’s.  She immediately made me go get in the bed and said she does not want to see me for several hours LOL.

I got Chick Fil A for breakfast and thank goodness I baked a few loaves of Buttermilk Banana Nut Bread on Sunday to have something quick to snack on.  I am being a good little patient, well today at least, and then I will just patiently wait the 4-6 weeks for my menses to start so that I can go in for baseline and start stimming.   I am going to order my meds a med a week until I get them all in so that I am ready for my next IVF.  The money I am spending on meds, I intended to spend on this elaborate nursery I designed.  I was looking forward to going to North Carolina to High Point and picking out the gray furniture I have been eyeballing on manufacturers websites.  Oh well, now if my IVF takes on round two, my baby(ies) will not be born until April or May, so I have time.

I am hopeful that IVF #2 will be a charm !  And I do have frozen AA embryos for FETs plus what ever is frozen from my next fresh cycle, should it not take.  I am just going to pray and keep the faith and speak this thing into existence !!

Suction D & C – The 411

Suction D & C - The 411

I went in to see my OB, Dr. Karamitsos today. He was heartbroken about my miscarriage, as he has been on my journey to TTC for almost two years now.

We scheduled my D&C at Lenox Hill Hospital, the same hospital I was to give birth at, for Monday.

I am just praying that I do not start to have a natural miscarriage before Monday. I really want to do this at the hospital and skip all the natural experience ! I will anxiously await the results of the PGD done on the fetus. Hopefully I will have some answers and not more questions.

My OB did run a battery of blood tests to check for other abnormalities and also to make sure I am not insulin resistant. A few tests were not done previously, as there was no need for it. Now we are double checking autoimmune issues and glucose, just to be on the safe side before I start stimming again.