Amber Alert Cancelled – Cycle Day 1 – The 411

baby - found

Well guess who showed up this morning?  Aunt Flo.  This heifer took her behind on a seven day vacation and went AWOL.  Nobody gave this heifer permission to be absent without leave !  She did not even warn anyone that she was taking off for parts unknown.  She came back all relaxed and red as a beet.  I did not appreciate having to put out a medical search party for her tail either !

After I had time to calm down from my anger towards her, I realized that she was gone for seven days…. SEVEN.  My favorite number because is symbolized completion in God.  I remembered that I promised myself I would let go of the reigns and just let God be the pilot and focus on what I DO have control over and be the best and do the best with that.

So today is CD1 (cycle day 1).  Tomorrow, I will give Stacy, at Dr. K’s office a call so she can call Lenox Hill Hospital and get me scheduled for the hysteroscopy with biopsy on CD 20.  CD 21 fall on a weekend, so day 20 it will be.

Shortly after the procedure, I should get my next period around the third weekend of January and start stimming, provided everything is okay at baseline.  I will continue doing weekly acupuncture, doing weekly castor oil packs to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and detox, and will take maca root every other day while taking the Estrace to avoid the cysts that always develop as a result of all that estrogen.

At the rate we are going, I will be back at a Christmas birth again !

I am dreading Christmas Day and I keep kicking myself for arranging my IVF around trying to have a baby on Christmas.  Would have been great had she survived, but now I will always remember May 15th (three days after the anniversary of my father’s passing) as the day she stopped developing, June 2nd, as the day I had to have her surgically removed from my womb, and December 25th as the day I had planned a scheduled c-section, to bring my child(ren) into the world on the day that is most significant to me.

No one understands what this feels like.  I feel like a dagger is piercing my soul the closer we get to Christmas.  I try to keep busy with “Christmas -y” stuff to keep my mind off of what I have turned this day into.  It is not working.  I am starting to despise that day.  I am sure I will get beyond it at some point, but right now, I just want to sit in it.

Nervous ! – The 411

baby - nervous

To say that I am as nervous as a hooker in line on judgement day is an understatement !  I went in this morning to the lab for blood work and then across the street to the women’s imaging center for baselines. I was sitting there hoping and praying that my almighty cocktail of Lupron injections, castor oil packs for an hour daily, and popping 4 maca root pills for the past week had done their job.  During my ultrasound, the nurse/tech said that there were no cysts on my right ovary and one little follicle on the left one.

I have been glued by my house phone and cell phone all morning and now it is 2:34pm EST and the clinic has not called me yet.  I am awaiting the dreaded call to say “V, you may start stim meds and the instructions are on your patient portal.”

Well, another minute has gone by and there is nothing new on my portal and no call as of yet.  I find myself checking the dial tone on each phone and jumping every time my cell phone beeps with a new FB, IG or email posting.  Pathetic, I know.  I will give them until 3 pm and then I am calling !  Wish me luck !!

IVF #3 Mission Cyst Destruction – The 411

castor oil packRemember me telling you that Estrace is the devil?  Well I have found a way to cast the devil (estrogen)and his lil imps (ovarian cysts) right up outta here !

I looked through my notes and remembered that doing the castor oil packs, taking 3000 mgs of Maca Root, not eating sugar, seafood, red meat, and staying away from caffeine are the natural way to get rid of ovarian cysts.  Maca root makes the body create more progesterone and off sets the imbalance of the overage of estrogen which causes cysts.

Diets that are “liver healthy” including consuming a ton of water, flush impurities and toxins out of the body and help reduce the fluid in the cysts.

Armed with this information, I am on a mission starting tonight to get rid of these little imps with a little assistance from Lupron !!  Wish me luck ! 🙂

Castor Oil Packs Help With Infertility- The 411

Castor Oil Packs Help With Infertility-  The 411

What are some of the things that castor oil packs are noted for helping with fertility?

For starters, castor oil increases lymph movement by increasing the number of T-Cell Lymphocytes which fight infections. It also boosts the bodies immune system and functioning as a whole.

Additional benefits of castor oil for fertility:
•Increasing circulation
•Aiding in detoxification of the liver and colon
•Improving digestion and elimination
•Calming inflammation
•Relieving pain
•Breaking down scar tissue, adhesions, and fibroids
•Naturally speeding the healing of vaginal infections
•Increasing sperm count when applied without heat to the testicles
•Clearing mucous congestion in the fallopian tubes

How to use a castor oil pack?

Be sure when doing a castor oil pack to wear old clothes and place a towel under you as well. Castor oil is very thick, and it will stain.
1.Warm the castor oil in a non-metallic pot – I recommend glass as a double boiler & do not microwave it!
2.Soak an un-dyed, unbleached flannel, cotton or wool pack aprox. 12” X 18” (the size of a pillow case is perfect. If you want to use something old around the house like a pillow case though please make sure it has been washed many, many times. Castor oil is very drawing and we wouldn’t want you to draw bleach or dyes towards your body.)
3.Place the soaked cloth on your abdomen covering from the bottom of the breast bone down over the groin. You want to make sure that the liver, abdomen and lymph nodes in the groin are covered.
4.Cover with a dry cloth (traditionally it was said to use plastic, but like I said castor oil is drawing and we all know that plastic is bad in combination with heat. Right?
5.Place a warm hot water bottle or flax filled heating pack on top of the dry cloth (I do NOT recommend using anything with an electrical current on your body ESPECIALLY when trying to conceive)
6.Lay back and relax- this is a useful time to do meditation, visualization or any sort of spiritual practice.
7.You want to leave the castor oil pack on for a minimum of 20 minutes though it is so relaxing that often times I just go to sleep with it on.
8.After use store the castor oil pack in a cool dry place. I find that a large mason jar or glass kitchen container with a lid is great for storage. (Again, I’m not a fan of plastic.)
9.Repeat a castor oil pack 3 times a week * unless otherwise recommended by your health practitioner.
10.After about 10-20 uses discard the castor oil pack and start again. You may want to add additional castor oil to the pack each time to ensure that it is fully saturated.

The only times I do not recommend using a castor oil pack is during heavy bleeding or pregnancy.

For the case of fertility use I always treat a client as if they are pregnant after ovulation, so no castor oil packs after ovulation while actively trying to conceive.