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Thirty-six Weeks – The 411

My sweet girl has officially been out of the womb as long as she had been in.  36 weeks on the outside today just as she spent 36 weeks inside.

My baby is the most amazing creature God has ever created, including me. Lol.

After spending my first Mother’s Day with her, today is extra special.  

I am so grateful that God chose me to be her mother.

Eighteen Weeks – Sick Baby- The 411


On the day my baby turned 18 weeks, at the exact hour, we were sitting in the Children’s ER getting dexymethasone for a Croup diagnosis. 

My baby became increasingly hoarse on Wednesday and Thursday, so I text my sister, who is a Pediatric RN and she said the baby has Croup and to put her under the vaporizer and call her doctor the next morning and see for she should receive a steroidal breathing treatment. We were traveling back to the beach so when we got back, I put Vicks in the vaporizer and put her in the room with the door closed.  After a few hours, she became more audible  ( she sounded like a faint baby seal) and the coughing and heavy breathing lessened.  Her doctor called me back that afternoon and instructed me to take her to the ER because she was so young. The ER staff was really attentive and quick.  

What a scary way to come down off the high of the week; baby girl  being handpicked to do a Target national print ad and having three agencies wanting to add her to their roster !  We are still holding out for the agency that my friend’s children are signed to, but they don’t usually take babies until they are six months.

While sitting in ER, another major agency called wanting to add her to their roster.  

Because of these developments, we are going to have to stay within 2 hours of NYC. So…. back to up North we go for six months.  We are putting plans to go West for 1/2 the year on hold unless the baby can get the same number of gigs in LA.   The agency we are holding out for will exclusively rep her in NY and LA.
This week, my mom added a little cereal to the baby’s last evening bottle. It is helping her stay asleep without waking to eat in the middle of the night. 

Fourteen Weeks After Baby Eviction – The 411

Mommy’s angel will be 14 weeks old at 4:18 pm today !

I can’t believe how fast time is going by.

The baby holds her head up and pushes up off the floor.  She has gotten very proficient at scooting across the bed in her sleep so that she ends up right on my side.   

She is now pitching a fit when she is given a bottle and it’s not breastmilk.   I’m still pumping ,  but only enough for her to snack on !  

I am going to join the local Le Leche and also another breast milk group and try to get donated milk for her.   I am unsure if she will balk at another’s breast milk and if it would have a different taste.  She eventually will settle down and drink the formula but she definitely prefers breast milk.  

Baby girl now weighs 14 pounds. She is getting heavy.  She has the cutest little fat rolls and gets mad when I have to clean them all. She decides when she likes her bath or not.  Diva baby for sure ! 

She still doesn’t like getting her hair done, getting lotioned, getting dressed, nor sleeping in her bassinet. All of her #OOTD pics are of her screeching !

This little one has developed a real temper.  To show disdain, she will stretch out and tantrum!  Oh boy !!!

It is truly amazing to watch her personality shine thru and trying to figure out who this little person is.

This weekend, we are going to take passport photos and send in the application for the baby’s passport so that we can take a trip soon.  

I am hoping that funding for my feature comes in after the new year and that we can start shooting by mid Spring.  Fingers crossed ! Prayers Up !

Twelve Weeks Post Partum – Bittersweet Day – The 411

Friday marked 12 weeks since my little angel graced us with Earthly presence.   

She has grown leaps and bounces since her 4 lb 10 oz arrival weight.   She now weighs a whooping 13 lbs 10 oz !  

She continues to laugh out loud and also talks to you, and smiles when you are in her face.  She really enjoys tummy time and reading time.   We have a huge library of books that I started ordering for her long before she was born. 

She holds her neck pretty steady and will stand up while being supported on my lap.  She has also discovered that she has hands !

Mommy News:

I am doing very well.  Mommy exhaustion is setting in at times, mainly because I do not nap when she naps and I am doing too much.  I promised myself I would slowly down.

I am still thinning out !  I am very grateful for this post partum body !

Grandmom News (My Mommy)

My mom is doing very well.  Her wound is almost closed and she is gaining her strength back.


This morning, I got a call from a friend informing me that they had heard that my make up artist, Bruce Hawkins, had died that morning. I called a mutual friend and she got in touch with someone and shockingly it was true.  Bruce just died in his sleep at 3 and she mentioned.

I am completely devastated.  I had just heard from him the night before and I made a donation to a charity he hosts annually which provides toys for homeless kids.

He was with me the entire ivf journey and was present at most of the filming of my docuseries.  He brought me real food the whole time I was in the hospital. He was crazy about my baby !

This was so unexpected and he just celebrated a birthday on the 14th.  I don’t know how to accept this…