Christmas Vacation – The 411

My mother, my daughter and I went on an 8 day Caribbean cruise to Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, Curacao and Aruba with my sister friend, Sharon, and her family.

We spent the week before the cruise departed in South Beach, Miami.

Albeit chaotic the first day, the cruise was a lot of fun. I have never seen so much food nor as many morbidly obese people in one place before in my life !

Here are a few pictures from our trip. We will be flying back to the condo at the beach tonight.

Christmas 2018 -The 411

We finally finished the Christmas Tree. I decided to to all red this year.

It took me days to finish the tree because I kept adding stuff. My mom designed and made the floral topper for my tree.

All this work and we are leaving after this weekend for vacation…

What are your plans for the holiday?