Blog Update 01/14 – The 411


I am as nervous as hooker in line on judgement day !  Tomorrow, my eggs will be thawed and fertilized !!  Please pray that all seven … okay I want all seven to do their thing, but I will accept six thaw and fertilize and grow into beautiful babies !!!

Please send up a prayer at 6 am for thawing and at 1 pm at fertilization !

Tonight is my last Lupron injection.  Tomorrow, I inject Lovenox, Neupogen, Delestrogen and PIO in the morning.  I start the Endometrin suppositories three times a day along with the Estrace.  I also have to use the Cleocin suppository at bedtime.  My poor little hoohah is going to be more irritated than it is right now.  I have hydrocortisone and Lamesil on deck !

I am about to whip up some juicy burgers for dinner and my sister made twice baked potatoes.   I am going to the screening of Ride Along 2 tonight with my mom and sister.

Tomorrow, I have to get up early and go to the hospital for blood work and a sonogram.

Good night !  xoxo


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