Quarantine Life Month 3 – The 411

This has been the LONGEST three months of life LOL.  After recovering from Covid-19, I have been busy cooking for elderly families we know.  I have completed a 337 page cookbook that I had been compiling for years and am almost finished with the second cookbook I am releasing this year that has recipes exclusively for pressure cookers, slow cookers and air fryers.

My daughter has had a blast hanging out in the kitchen with me cooking.  She loves stirring and adding in ingredients to the bowls.

My website is now almost complete and my web store is being loaded with my publications.  I am having a zoom meeting with my team this week to learn how to add recipes I want to feature on the website.  http://www.iamvalerierenee.com

I am soooo bored being stuck at home, but I am also grateful that we are at the beach and not stuck in NYC.  This pandemic has hampered my plans to move.  I will wait until late Fall or early Winter before I attempt to move.  We are content here and I am not willing to risk getting reinfected with covid just to move to another home.   The upside is the mounting problems with the economy should work in my favor when it comes to negotiating prices for homes.

I have been so down about not being able to travel internationally for my upcoming birthday and having to cancel my daughter’s birthday trip to Ireland and Scotland.  We will wait to see what happens with this virus and then plan to travel in 2021 as soon as it is safe to.  I have NEVER been caged up this long.  lol.  I would have been on a few short trips by now, but in the house we are.  There are way too many people who have converged on our area from up North and it just is not safe to be out.  People are here from NY, NJ, RI, PA, MA, etc and no one is wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

I am looking for a beach house in a secluded area to rent for a few weeks so that we can get out of here.  If all else fails, there are beautiful lake front homes in FL and GA that we can look at.  I just want to go somewhere for a change of scenery.

How are you all handling the quarantine?  What are you doing to pass the time?  Leave some comments and say hello !


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