Mock Cycle Complete- The 411

ivf- mock cycle final sonogram

Yesterday, after thirteen days of taking Estrace three times a day (vaginally), I had my final labs and sonogram.  The donor coordinator/nurse called me yesterday late morning after getting the reports and said everything went swimmingly and that once I am ready, we can start the donor egg ivf.

At present, there are NO suitable egg donors, though she mentioned one newer one on the site.  The girl is not attractive at all (none of the black donors are), has a wide ugly nose, terrible hair weave, and went to trade school like the other three black donors on the site.  Only one is in a trade school to become an RN.

The clinic has placed additional ads out to recruit more donors.  I told them they should definitely recruit on college campuses.  The donor coordinator has taken my photos so that they can use them to try to find matches.

I am elated that my body responded very well to the estrogen.  I was wondering why I was so irritable, bitchy and my nipples were aching….   My E2 was 5000 !   Wow !   Too bad it did not reach those heights when I was stimming… I would have had an amazing egg count !  lol

Last night, I went to the National Harbor with my best friend, Tereena, and my friend Skip whom I have been referring to as my hubby since we met in Miami last year.  We had a blast at my favorite bar there and my favorite bartender, Viktor was there was well and he made up a bunch of cocktails for us and we were needless to say toasted !   It was great to be out, celebrating ME and my birthday another night with friends.  I am starting to get really excited about settling in California, where the majority of my friends are and being able to have people to exercise with, hang out with and work with.   I miss that about being in NYC daily. It is great that a lot of my NYC and DC area friends have moved to LA so at least we will all be on the same side of the country lol.

Tonight, I am planning on going to Benihana with my mom for birthday celebration continuation 🙂

Happy Birthday To Me !!!!

happy birthday - pink cake

Today is my 28th Birthday (again for the … year LOL).  I had a fabulous birthday which started with my sister and nieces coming by and bringing me a vase of red and white roses and a beautiful card.  At noon, I headed into Washington DC to meet my dear friend, whom I refer to as my hubby (we have been calling each other hubby and wifey since we met in Miami) and he treated to me to swanky brunch and bottomless mimosas.   The food was terrific, though we talked and drank mimosas more than we ate food LOL.

My mom’s flight from Punta Cana came in tonight so I picked her up from the airport after my date and then we scooped up my Grandmother and we all went to Houlihans for appetizers.

Tomorrow, I have my baseline sonogram for the final part of my mock cycle followed by labs.   I am meeting Skip again for drinks at the National Harbor tomorrow night to continue my birthday celebration.   I am big baby and love to celebrate my birthday in some way all month long !  lol.   By August 1st, my family is sick of me hahaha…   They love it though!

I hope everyone is doing well.   One more week and it will time for the big move !  I am not too happy about boxing up and moving stuff and then having to go out to California in a few weeks and start house hunting.  Because of some new projects I am developing, I am now going to have to in the Los Angeles area to be close to work….  I guess I will just have to wait until I am raking in the big bucks and then be able to buy a property in the Pacific Palisades or somewhere I really want to be. I just pray that wherever I am there are NO brush fires, mudslides nor earthquakes !  😦   I am NOT here for that !

Update – The 411

baby - blog updateI had an amazing weekend !   My film crew came down to Northern Virginia to my mom’s house for the weekend to spend the 4th with us and for my mom’s surprise birthday brunch.

On the 4th, we all went to my sister’s house for a bbq.  Her husband owns a bbq catering company and his bbq is to die for ! We left my sister’s house and came back towards my mom’s house to go to the fireworks show.

My sisters, brother-in-laws and I put our heads together months ago to decide what we were doing for our mom for her birthday.  We decided that in lieu of doing something with the family, we would again surprise her and send her on vacation for a week to a five star resort.  We decided on Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana.   Last year, we surprised her by tricking her into the car and we dropped her off at the airport heading to Riviera Maya, Mexico to a resort there.

To throw her off and to celebrate her, we planned a surprise breakfast brunch with our friends, family, and her work family. It took me two days to get all the food done.   Twenty people enjoyed swiss and crab quiche, bacon and cheese quiche, cinnamon breakfast cake, cajun breakfast potatoes, homemade pork sausage, homemade turkey sausage, turkey bacon, pork bacon, scrambled eggs, buttermilk biscuits made with fresh milled flour, red velvet rum waffles, vanilla bourbon pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, fruit platter, cheese platter, pasta salad, cajun shrimp with cheddar jack grits, fried chicken, champagne momosas, variety of juices and birthday cake.

My sister and I worked tirelessly and my nieces and nephews put up all the decorations.  My mom got suspicious when she saw the amount of food we were preparing but she didn’t say anything.  At noon, our friends started showing up and we had the brunch.  My grandmother said the grace and we all ate.  When my mom opened her gifts, I had my niece hand her the passport wallet and she exclaims, ” I was wondering where my passport was… I thought it got boxed up !”    We told her we had had it for months LOL.   She opens it to find her passport and the travel documents for her trip and she leaves on Wednesday morning at 5 am.  She has an oceanview suite and the resort is all inclusive and we got the spa package as well.  Her suitcase was packed and then she says she was wondering where her swimsuit cover was !   I am surprised she did not miss a bunch of black panties and her favorite pj set!!  Needless to say, my mom was blown away and she is leaving the day before her birthday again this year for her vacation that is well deserved !

In ME news, I am still on estrogen for the next week and I have a sonogram and blood work scheduled for Monday, the day after MY birthday as the final part of the mock cycle.

This morning, I had to go over to the imaging center for the ole mammogram.  They did the 3D one !  It doesn’t hurt like the regular one does and they do not squish your breasts to death like the old one.

I am finally starting to come out of the funk I have been in for the past few weeks.   As many may recall, I did a Gofundme campaign for an acquaintance who lost her son and grandmother the same day.  I did not want to do it, as something just did not sit right in my spirit about it.  Long story short, I did the campaign and left it open until the end of May when I was finally done with my last IVF cycle and then feeling better after the blood clot and other pain I had to deal with after my procedure. I got really suspicious when the friend called me out of the blue and said her parents were going to take care of the funeral and wanted to know if I could just send the check to her. I told her NO.  I specifically stated on the GoFundMe that the monies were for the funeral expenses and that the check was being cut to the funeral home.

I was dealing with a lot between my failed cycle, the upcoming anniversary of the loss of my baby, my mom’s illness, my grandmother’s alzheimers and I was just overwhelmed and needed a mental health break from everyone.  I kindly asked my friends and colleagues to just give me some space and I would reach out when I was up to it.   I am a moody person at times anyway, being a Cancer !  This acquaintance took it personal.  She went on a tirade barraging me with calls, texts, emails etc under the guise of checking on me.  REALLY?   This person is NOT a close friend and I only talked to her periodically because I am a busy person and I do not even talk to my best friends that often unless something is up.  We text more than anything because we are all super busy.  Anyone else, I just talk to them when I talk to them… So, I start getting complaints from my employees who know her and also other colleagues who donated money to the fund asking me where she is getting all this money from because she bought an $800 cellphone, made posts on her FB about buying her dogs carseats and strollers (keep in mind I am the ONLY friend of theirs who has a stroller for my dog and a carseat) and that she was posting about making all this organic stuff (and only two of us actually buy all the organic stuff like that) and posting food items that were from recipes from my fanpage and claiming them to be her own.

I told them that she had not gotten it from the GoFundMe because I had not put in a request to fund the campaign yet. I knew she had gotten money from a fundraiser her son’s school did, but I really didn’t know.  She does not work and is on disability and that does not pay that much.  It was really out of character because she never made such posts before and never bought anything except from thrift stores and yard sales !

The first week of June I put in the request to fund the GoFundMe and have payment sent to the funeral home and called the friend to ask for her address to send the print out of the donors.  She asked me when the payment was going to be sent because the funeral home was hounding her.  Those statements did not sit right with me but I was busy and had other things to deal with and did not give it much energy.  Later that week, the requests from her amped up and she was calling and then sending me inboxes on FB.  I had blocked her phone number because she was calling me all hours of the day when I asked for a few weeks to myself back in May.  With my home and office phone, it is digital so even with blocked numbers, I can log in and see all call attempts and calls.  I checked in with the third party processor who was sending the check to the funeral home, as I knew it was going out after the 15th of June.  I followed up with the owner of the funeral home and learned that the bill had been paid prior to the service and that all of the statements made by my acquaintance were not true.  The funeral home was not hounding her !  She in fact was hounding THEM.  I was told that the person responsible for making the arrangements, (her father) was the only person they could divulge information to and that any monies that came in would go to him.  I told the owner of the funeral home that I would follow up with him over the weekend to see if the check came in and if it had not reached there by Saturday, I would rescind the campaign.   I called and followed up and the check had not come.  I then contacted my GoFundMe rep and explained that I was mislead about the purpose for the campaign and the funeral home had not gotten the money yet.  I explained that the person we set the campaign up for was attempting to defraud everyone and use the said funds for moving to another apartment, training her dog as a therapy dog, frivolous purchases and the like and I was NOT going to be associated with a perpetrating fraud. I asked that they do a recovery from the third party processor and refund every donor who donated money for the campaign.   They thanked me for being diligent and obliged.

I got an email from my rep on Friday informing me that the acquaintance contacted them via email to file a complaint about the validity of the campaign and that SHE had not gotten the money ! LOL.   Of course, they knew that already because I contacted then two weeks prior to tell them to cancel out the campaign and refund everyone.

I am BEYOND pissed off and from now on, will go with my GUT and NEVER do anything of the like again to help someone because they used a sad and tragic situation to try to take advantage of innocent people.  I do know one thing, God does not like ugly and He is not too fond of cute !  What you sow, you also reap and Karma is not a nice person….

It is really sad what people do in this life and it is sickening as well.   I am disappointed that this person turned out to be who they are and also that they are playing victim now.  Sad situation all around, but I am proud of myself for trusting that inner voice that said something is not right… hold off before doing anything and just address this when you are more focused.   It worked out to my advantage because I would have gotten myself hemmed up in foolishness trying to help a greedy, needy, manipulative wench.   God has a way of revealing snakes in your garden….

Mock Cycle Day 1 – The 411

ivf- mock cycle 1 ivf - mock cycle 2Today, I went in for my labs and the sonogram for the baseline for my mock cycle.  My lining is thin and I had two follicles on each side. My day three FSH was 10.8 and the LH was 6.  My E2 was 35. Tomorrow, I have to take Estrace three times a day and continue for 12 days.  On July 13th I go in for the final sonogram to see how my uterine lining responded to the estrogen. I am not looking forward to shoving little blue pills up my hoohah three times a day and having to rock panty liners to avoid “smurf panties”, but it is what it is, as they say.

I spoke with the donor coordinator today and one donor I liked became available !   The second donor dropped out and I have the option of making embryos with my donor sperm and freezing them for later transfer if I so wish.

I really am not that gungho about doing FETs.  It is my intention to be the sole recipient of the eggs from a donor and then do an initial fresh transfer of two or three embryos and freeze all others for additional cycles, if needed.  I really do not want to have the fear of (1) not having enough eggs to work with by sharing with another recipient and (2) having the added stress of worrying about the embryos surviving the thaw and also sticking if they do.

Additionally, in order to use this donor, I would have to search for and select a Black sperm donor, as the egg donor is not of Black or Native American decent.  I am praying that I do not have to change my sperm donor and that I will find a Black and Native American egg donor with similar features to me and who is also educated.

The egg donor coordinator had me email her pictures of myself so that she can begin a search for a donor for me.  They are running new ads for egg donors and will hopefully get a few in for me to choose from.  They have a ton of new applicants they are screening but none of them are Black.

We are planning for a September match and a late October retrieval and transfer.  I wanted to plan for a July due date so that is the plan right now.  I have to save up money like crazy so that I can pay these astronomical fees associated with this IVF cycle.   It is all going to be worth it when I have my little Valeries in my loving arms.   I can envision them already and have so much love for these babies and they are not even here yet !  I can not wait to have them cut out of, introduce them to NYC for a few months and then take them home to our new State of California !!  I am looking forward to taking my babies to the beach in the mornings for walks with Grandmom and Great-Grandmom in tow.  How I can not WAIT for that to be my life !

Updates – The 411

baby - looking for somethingI miscalculated when my CD 1 (cycle day 1) was to be.  I am now at CD 34.  My menses are lost out there somewhere.  If someone has Aunt Flo’s number, tell the heifer that I am looking for her and when she finally arrives, we can go get that sonogram done as part one of the mock cycle for DE IVF !!

On Monday, my mom and I left for New York City for my upcoming annual physicals with my Internist and my OB.  On Monday, we met with my make up artist for lunch at an amazing Italian spot called Carmines.  The food is phenomenal !! That night, I took my mom to my favorite hangout to listen to Cheryl Pepsi Riley’s band, which two of my friends play in.  Some of my colleagues came out and hung with us.  It was a great night.

Tuesday morning, I had my first appointment with my Internist and he went over mounds of blood work from April on that I had done during stims.  He was very concerned about the amount of prednisone I have been taking and the length of time I was on it.  I have gained a lot of weight this past cycle because of the steroid.  I had to have additional labs done for diabetic screening as well as a full work up.  My TSH, T3 and T4 and a few other tests were run to determine the correct dosage of Synthroid I should now take.  The last labs done at the hospital when I was in the ER showed my T3 and T4 to be normal, but not my TSH.  Medications taken during stims make the TSH bounce around.  I will get the results by Friday.  My Internist is in agreement with me doing DE IVF and he signed off on my medical authorization form.

Later that morning, I had my OB appointment.  We went over my IVF treatments and the procedure I had done in January.  I got a referral for a 3D mammogram and got a sign off on the OB portion of the medical authorization form.

I have no idea why Aunt Flo is trying to be cute.  It very well may be because I am overly stressed out.

I am NOT looking forward to this move as I HATE packing and unpacking and having to find a place to put things.  It is no fun.

My mom is recuperating from surgery very well and is very sick off and on because of side effects of the radiation and back to back chemo treatments.  Her doctor warned her that this would be the case and that in six weeks she should start to bounce back and feel more and more like her old self.  She has a birthday coming up on the 9th !!

I hope everyone else is doing well.  I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

YAY ! No Mock Cycle For Me !!

YAY !  No Mock Cycle For Me !!

I called my IVF doctor to get the protocol for the mock cycle and learned that I do not have to do it unless I am using donor eggs ! WHEW !!

I am using my own eggs for up to two cycles. If my cycles do not result in a pregnancy, then I will use a donor egg cycle to conceive. I will be on an Estrogen Priming Protocol.

All of my labs are excellent and my HSG and Saline Sonohysterogram are normal as well and the doctors feel I should have no problem with the IVF taking. I am just praying for a BFP (big fat positive) after the first IVF cycle and that TWINS are in my future :-).