Blog Update 01/04- The 411


On this 21st day of stims, I am bloated, have a stomach ulcer from all these pills, have a knotted up, black and blue tummy, am feeling like a skinned raccoon, queasy, and could not be happier !

Another patient at my clinic who just cycled and at first was told she was having twins, learned today that she is having TRIPLETS ! All these BFPS gives me hope ! The new protocols are working and my cycle is coming up soon !! Yay me !

Today, I finally drug myself out of bed and whipped up smothered steak, rice, onion gravy, and cajun baby lima beans.




My mom calls me to ask if I would make her vanilla egg custard.  Now keep in mind SHE taught me how to make it when I was younger but all of a sudden, she doesn’t remember the recipe ! My mom has the Jewish mother routine down pat ! Lol



As you can see, I got hoodwinked lol.

Anyway, I still feel terrible.  I now have a stomach ulcer from the meds.  I assume the doxycycline.   I eat before taking these meds, but I did have gastric bypass 11 years ago, so my little pouch is susceptible to ulcers. I called Dr. Witt and asked him to call in a suspension I can take to coat my tummy and heal the ulcer.

I have completed all injections for the day and have taken all meds except the LDN that I take at 9pm.  I am already in the bed.  I will watch TV until 9 pm and then I am getting some shut eye !

IVF #6- Stim Day 21- The 411


Today is my 21st day on stims.  This morning, I added doxycycline to my ever growing list of medications and I have been feeling terrible and in bed all day.

Currently, I am injecting lupron, neupogen, lovenox, and delestrogen.

I am taking the maximum dose of LDN (4.5mg), 1500mg Metformin,  150 mg synthroid, prenatal plus, baby asprin, Optimized folate, biotin and epa/dha.

It seems that all day I am either swallowing pills or sticking myself in the tummy or tush ! It will only become more fun when I have to also inject progesterone,  insert estrace and endometrin up the hooha and also cleocin ! Lol

The things we endure to try to have a child !

If only I could just skip the low dull  headache and nausea, I would be okay.

Over the next two days, I have to pull all my meds together and pack for my 2 week trip to DC and hopefully Syracuse.

I ordered two custom infinity scarves from Janelle of New York and they are oversized so I am ready for the cold !  I am still rocking summer and fall clothes.  I am glad that I brought a few coats and sweaters so when I am traveling I will be warm.



Today was my second delestrogen injection.  My next is due on Wednesday, but I am going to do the estrace three times a day starting Wednesday so that my E2 doesn’t rise too much and I end up with another blood clot.

I am off to bed to watch TV until I fall asleep.  I have one more med to take at 9pm and then it’s a wrap for today.  I feel awful, but grateful for this opportunity to make a life  (or 2).

IVF #6- Stim Day 20- The 411


Twenty days in and feeling great !  I am starting to get excited about this cycle.  It seems that every one at my clinic is getting BFPs with twins !!  I am so excited for the other ladies and can not wait until I am pregnant.

This morning, I had to get up at 2 am to take my camera crew to the airport.  We had an awesome week at the beach and I had so much fun.

I have to leave for DC later this week and am not looking forward to the cold.  I should be leaving for Syracuse on the next Thursday if I get the all clear after my next Monday baseline appointment.

We are still awaiting my niece to go in labor.  She is due on the same day as my baseline and it is her first child.  The baby is down and in position, but not action yet.  I hope he doesn’t come late.  My mom wants to go with me to Syracuse for my transfer.  She is feeling a lot better and spent most of the week hanging out with me and the film crew.

Ps: the picture above is of the adorable sweatshirt my sister got me for Christmas…. sooooo me ! Lol

I hope everyone’s New Year is starting off great !

IVF #6 – Stim Day 19 – The 411

Year 2016

Yay !  19 days down and it is 2016 !!!   THIS is my year to reap all the good I have sown.  THIS is my year of redemption and bounce back from all of the heartache, disappointment and pain !  THIS is MY year of harvest ! THIS is MY year to see my dreams come to fruition ! THIS is MY year to not just be a blessing, but to receive blessings !  I declare peace of mind, healing for all those connected to me, bliss and prosperity for all those I come in contact with and those who know me !

11 more days and I will be doing my baseline to determine if everything is good for me to proceed.  Please keep my little ole uterus in your thoughts and prayers that it is triamelar and ready to transfer upon lining check !

Happy New Year Everyone

IVF #6 – Stim Day 18 – The 411

Happy New Year 2016


Today is the 18th day of my stim cycle, and the first day on estradiol valerate and neupogen.  I have done all three injections and taken all meds and supplements except my 9pm dose of LDN.  The Lovenox and neupogen, I inject in the morning and do the Lupron at 6pm.  Everything went smooth.  I only inject the estradiol valerate every three days.

I hope I have made the right decision to do the injectible estrogen instead of the vaginal estrace.

I hope everyone has an amazing New Year !!

IVF # 6 – Stim Day 17 – The 411

ivf 5 - keep calm and stim like a champ

Woot Woot !!!   After a consult with my RE, the nurse called today to inform me that they want to proceed with my next step in this cycle.  The RE thinks that the imaging center overread my lining or either that my lining just didn’t thin out this month as much, but either way, he is not worried about it.  Tomorrow, I am adding Neupogen and  Estradiol Valerate to the current protocol, except I take the Lupron down to 5 units instead of 10.

On the 11th, I go for another baseline and as long as my lining is not over 16 and has thickened, then my egg thaw will be on the 12th and my transfer will be on the 15th !!

I had an eventful day with my film crew.  We went out today to capture new scenes and to also get B Roll footage for the reality show.  We filmed me doing location scouting via helicopter !  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am petrified of heights ! The flight was so much fun !   We flew over the ocean and around the city.


IVF # 6 – Stim Day 16 – The 411

baby - uterine lining

Today is my 16th day on Lupron and I got the results from my sonogram yesterday.  For some reason, my uterine lining is still thick.  It is 7mm, down one millimeter from last week.  The nurse called and left the message and said she wanted to know how much bleeding I did over the last few days and she wanted the lining under a 7 to proceed.  I have to call her tomorrow morning to go over my scan.  I texted my RE and asked him his thoughts and he asked me a series of questions and then said he wasn’t concerned, as my saline sonogram was fine and I had a endometrial scrape with biopsy that came back fine as well and sometimes the lining just doesn’t thin all the way out every month.

This afternoon, the imaging center I made an appointment with on Thursday called to inform me that they do not read infertility scans, thus they were cancelling my appointment !  WHAT THE WHAT??   I asked to speak to the ultrasound tech and she explained that they no longer do infertility scans and the Radiologist decided they were no longer doing them and that is all the explanation she could offer.  I explained to her that I read the entire order to the intake person and they were aware that I was doing this scan for infertility and that I had been referred to them by the hospital radiology department as the one imaging center in this area which DOES infertility related scans.  Long story short, she gave me a half assed apology and could do nothing for me.  I will let the nurse know tomorrow and just let it go since I just did a scan yesterday and insurance companies do not like for patients to keep repeating tests unnecessarily.

The plan is for me to start the estrogen injections on Monday and then go in for a repeat scan on Jan 14th.  I talked to a few ladies today who had thick linings and one lady had a lining thickness of almost 19 on the day of her transfer and she is a few weeks pregnant with twins !  I guess it can not hurt for the lining to be thicker than normal.  My usual lining is around a 7 or 8 at transfers.  I am kinda glad that I do not have to do another transvaginal ultrasound !  Not really my favorite thing to do LOL.

IVF #6 – Stim Day 15 – The 411

IVF 6 - cd21 start of stims

This afternoon, on my 15th day on Lupron, I went to a local imaging center to repeat my baseline ultrasound to see if my lining has thinned to where it needs to be so that I can start estrogen and I left there and went to LabCorp, which is down the street from my condo, and got the blood work repeated.  Tomorrow I will know the results. I told my nurse that I wanted to just stay on the Lupron for the remainder of the week and start the estrogen on January 4th as planned so that it does not interfere with my travel plans.  I do not want to have to change my travel dates, so I will start the meds on Monday and then do a lining check on January 14th.

IVF #6 – Stim Day 14 – The 411


Today is my 14th day on Lupron.  Other than the typical hot flashes, there is nothing unusual or new to report on the stimming front.  I hope my lining is thinning out so that I can proceed to the next phase of this cycle…

This morning, my mom, me and my camera crew arrived at our beach-front condo.  It is peaceful here, although I miss my sisters, brother in law, nieces and nephews.  My nephew is coming to the beach one day this week once he works out his transportation.  I was hoping my sister would let the baby come, but she has to get back to school.

I went out and went grocery shopping and then came back, pulled out my pressure cooker and made a quick broccoli fettuccine alfredo with boneless fried chicken  breast. I then baked sweet potatoes and then made two deep dish bourbon sweet potato pies.  They smell divine !

I am going to bake a couple of rum cakes tomorrow morning and ship them to our family friends who lost their 84 year old mother last week. Her home going service will on Tuesday on my hometown.

I am excited to report that there has been a preponderance of twin pregnancies at my fertility clinic !! I have referred a lot of girls lately and they are all getting pregnant, most with twins ! Omen???  🙂   I just need the doctors to keep that up until after my transfer ! Lol

Can you believe six months has passed and in a matter of weeks, I could be pregnant?  How humbling… that this could happen !  I deserve this !  I claim this !!!

I do partition your prayers for our mother.  She has not been feeling well and is sleeping an awful lot.  She is making an appointment with her oncologist for a petscan and I can tell she is terrified that cancer will be found.  It is likely that all the pain meds and other meds they have her doped up on for neuropic pain is the reason she can not stay awake.  That coupled with depression.  She was extremely happy at Christmas being with the entire family.  We will all be taking a vacation to Florida to Disney for Easter break.  It should be fun, if I’m not battling morning sickness. Lol.

Have a great night everyone !

IVF #6- Stim Day 13- The 411


Today is the 13th day of stimming with Lupron.  So far, everything seems to be going good.  My uterine lining appears to be cleaning itself, which is good since my lining was an 8 on CD 2.

I am hoping that the lining is in the normal range when they recheck it on Monday.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas.  I spent the day with the family in DC.  Today, my mom and I went to the movies to see Concussion.  It was an awesome film…. definite must see !

Have a great night~