UPDATE 1/12 – The 411

IVF 5 - Keep Calm Keep Stimming

Whew !  Making progress….  I am starting to feel like my old self !!

Today was the last day of the z pack and other than slight bowel issues, I am pretty much back to normal.  Things seem to be clearing up from the bottom end too, thank goodness LOL.

The doctors office called today and gave me instructions.  I continue on my same meds until Thursday and then I stop the Lupron only on Thursday.  On Friday, I start to 1ml progesterone in oil injections and the three times a day vaginal Endometrin progesterone.

On Friday, my eggs will be thawed and fertilized and I am PRAYING for ALL seven of them to come thru for me !!  I decided to drive from Washington DC since my mother now wants to come with me.  I am picking up a rental on Friday at the airport after my baseline appointment on Friday and will leave for Syracuse at 2am on Saturday.

Saturday morning at 10 am, I have to report to CNY for the HCG wash and the two bag intralipid infusion.  Dr. Kiltz wants to do the wash a couple of days before the transfer because it has proven to be more effective.

My mom had to have two teeth surgically removed yesterday that were damaged by chemo.  There goes my plan to go to Dinosaur BBQ lol.   She will have to nibble on soup or something…  I will relax on Sunday and get ready for the transfer on Monday morning and we will drive back to DC on Tuesday morning early.  My niece is set to be induced on Monday if she has not gone into labor by then.  She was due on Monday the 11th.

So, here we go !  Twins 2016 underway !!!

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