UPDATE 1/10 – The 411


Today is my 27th Stim day.  I got up and took my meds, did my AM injections and then went out with my mom to run some errands.  At noon, I met with some of the local ladies on my SMBC board on FB at a nice restaurant in Arlington, VA.  It was great meeting them and their little ones.

I came back to my sister’s house after riding in traffic on I-95 and my sister made chicken pho for me.


Today, I feel a lot better than I have been all week, except the two courses of antibiotics I have been on have given me vaginal irritation !  Could this get any worse?  I picked up a box of Monistat 1 and a boatload of yogurt.  Surprisingly, Activia tastes really good !  I also picked up some Cranberry granola too.  I will be downing yogurt for the next few days.  There is nothing I hate more than vaginal irritation !

For those who follow my blog regularly,  I am going to continue updating on this cycle, however, I am going to password protect the entries to protect my privacy.  I do not want the entire world questioning me about what is going on with this cycle and I only want to talk about it when I’m ready to.  Please email me with your WordPress user name to get the password !!


Until tomorrow ~

6 thoughts on “UPDATE 1/10 – The 411

  1. If I ever started trying again (which I doubt) no one would know. It was way too stressful for everyone to know bc they were constantly asking me “if I was pregnant yet?” Which as you know is like a kick in the balls when you just got a BFN. Argh. I am sending you an email. 🙂

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    • It truly is ! And if you get a BFP, you want to savor the moment for a while. I’m telling the public AFTER 20 wks this time when it happens. The “I’m so sorrys” were worse than the loss of my baby girl…. plus everyone is charting the transfer date and then bugging me about when my beta is. I just can’t deal lol.


      • It’s hard bc we get so excited about it and want to tell someone but if we were trying the conventional way we most likely wouldn’t be telling our colleagues that we are going to have sex this weekend to see if we could get pregnant ;). I had to tell some of my colleagues during my tww to kindly back off and that it was stressful enough not to have all these people randomly pop into my classroom to ask my if it was successful! Lol!

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