Making Organic, All Natural Body Butter for Moms

Making Organic, All Natural Body Butter for Moms

I have made the perfect concoction that prevents stretch marks. A celebrity friend mentioned an all natural body butter made of organic butters, so I created one using the ingredients she mentioned and I added my own little twist.

A lot of women complain about being extremely dry during pregnancy and my body butter is a sure fire way to avoid that dry skin. I made a balm for tummy’s to prevent the stretch marks and also a whipped version for extreme dry skin.

Acupuncture for Fertility – Again today

Acupuncture for Fertility - Again today

Today I had another acupuncture session. For some reason, when the needles are in my neck and the inner of my thighs, I feel them. I had needles across my forehead, in my feet, ankles, and tummy too and I did not feel those. Lying still for 45 mins, flat on my back, is not my idea of relaxing. It would be if I did not have the needles in my neck and I could flip over on my side while the infrared heat lamp warms me. I want one of those lamps at home but one big enough to cover my bed ! 🙂

YAY ! No Mock Cycle For Me !!

YAY !  No Mock Cycle For Me !!

I called my IVF doctor to get the protocol for the mock cycle and learned that I do not have to do it unless I am using donor eggs ! WHEW !!

I am using my own eggs for up to two cycles. If my cycles do not result in a pregnancy, then I will use a donor egg cycle to conceive. I will be on an Estrogen Priming Protocol.

All of my labs are excellent and my HSG and Saline Sonohysterogram are normal as well and the doctors feel I should have no problem with the IVF taking. I am just praying for a BFP (big fat positive) after the first IVF cycle and that TWINS are in my future :-).

Acupuncture for Fertility – update

Today, I went in for my second acupuncture treatment.  I missed the last two because of snow and ice.  For some reason, I feel so worn out and out of sorts after my sessions.

Today, the needle in the center of my forehead stung as the doctor inserted it.


The ones in my neck, I did not feel this time but I messed around and popped my toe and the pain in that nerve for two seconds !  WHEW !



I think my favorite part of the session is this heat lamp they place over my tummy.  If I did not have needles in, I would curl up into a ball and sleep like a baby with that thing !


I informed the doctor today that I would not and could not drink that nasty tea he gave me so he switched me to pills.  The pills-  I must take 10.. YES TEN PILLS three times a day !   THIRTY PILLS A DAY !  I am already taking a boatload of pills… I have to figure out where I am going to fit these in.  I am thinking I will set my alarm for 4 am , take 10 and then take the other two doses at 1pm and then at 8pm. I am doing this to avoid drug interactions with the other supplements and meds I am taking.  I am spacing everything out by 3-4 hours.

An early Christmas Gift- a whole year early might I add !

An early Christmas Gift- a whole year early might I add !

So… Kate Spade decides to have a year end sale on her Ebay site and the baby bag to die for, which retails at $398 was on sale for only $139 ! Ding Ding Ding Ding…. I WIN !

Although I do not plan to give birth until December 2014, I figured why not bargain shop? There is no point in waiting until the last minute to shop for things I will need, so I will get things I see dirt cheap and pray for the best 🙂

Supplements, Supplements, and MORE Supplements – the 411

Supplements, Supplements, and MORE Supplements - the 411

To get my body ready and to increase my chances of a successful IVF and a healthy pregnancy, I am now following an even more strict regimen of supplement intake.

In the morning upon waking, I take synthroid, which was prescribed by my doctor for my under active thyroid.

After breakfast, about mid morning, I take CoQ10, one Prenatal Plus vitamin (prescribed by my doc), 2 Inositol (promotes improved follicular quality), and one chewable low dose asprin.

After lunch, I take Vitamin B6 and Biotin.

At dinner, I take 3 Calcium Citrate  and 1200mg Vitamin D (prescription).

At 8pm, I take folic acid.

Just before bed, I take my iron (prescription).

During the day, I drink inordinate amounts of green tea, allergy blend tea, preconception herbal blend tea, and water.

At 10pm, I drink a special tea concoction of burdook root, dandelion root, and Milk thistle. This tea detoxes the liver, kidneys, speen, and purifies the blood.

I do the castor oil pack around 8pm for an hour. I have noticed a difference in my energy levels and feeling of overall health.

Twice per week, I am seeing a fertility acupuncturist and he gave me an herbal tea blend which I refuse to drink ! I have asked to be switched to pill form on Monday.

Oh the things we endure for a chance to be a Mommy !