Third Beta ! 02/08 – The 411

IVF #6 - 1st sono (sac)

Third Beta…… 4274 !! Progesterone….. 43 !!  E2….  1620 !!  Number of bambinos?  Inconclusive 😦

Baby’s first pictures !!

At 5 weeks 3 days, there is one clear sac and to the right and above the sac, looks like it could be another.  In another week or two, if there are hiding sacs, they will be visible by then.  I was hoping to see at least two sacs since I put back three embryos.  I was very disappointed, but very grateful for a strong healthy one !  I hate that I will not know for sure until closer to eight weeks.

I have an appointment with my OB on Wednesday and I will find out if I need to change my vitamins to Vitapearl or if I need to add more iron etc…  My OB is writing me a referral to have unlimited visits with my RE, Dr. Tomer Singer.  I am also going to ask him about doing a TAC and if he feels it is necessary.  I can not wait until week 10 when I do the Materni-T 21 testing. I am sooooo hoping for a girl !  Would LOVE to have two girls, but am happy with whatever God gives me at this point as long as they are healthy and happy !

Bun In The Oven !! – The 411

baby - bun in the oven 2

Today, I am 4W2D, and I am IN SHOCK still.  It has NOT set in that my beta came back positive !

Some of the things I noticed that were similar to my 1st BFP after my IVF #1, when I got back from Upstate NY, I had a terrible allergy attack.  It was very random and I felt like I was coming down with a cold.  The same thing happened when we returned from Upstate NY from the clinic again. I ran out to Walgreens and picked up a bottle of Claritin and started taking it in the morning and in a few days, it cleared up.

I now have a significantly less appetite.  Last week, everything had this weird taste to me.  I could have sworn every thing I ate had a slight almond taste to it and it was such a turn off.  I also feel pulses of blood swirling and I felt that during my 1st pregnancy and I also am often a little short of breath.  These are also familiar symptoms.

I am still in disbelief that FOUR pregnancy tests yielded negative results.  I will wait until Monday morning when I go for my second beta to POAS again.

My mother, of course, is over the moon about this and is already to start purchasing baby items, despite the fact that I have a storage unit with several huge boxes of baby items I amassed over the months I was preparing for IVF#1 and while I was pregnant.  I asked her to refrain from making any purchases until I am at least 6 months pregnant.

baby - bun in the oven

I will update on Monday after I get my second beta results.  Wish me luck !



Blog Update 1/29 – The 411

IVF #6 - im pregnant read the fine print

Today is 11DP3DT and I took a digital FRER first thing this morning before heading out to the dreaded beta.  The FRER said HELL NO !

IVF #6 - HPT that lied

I packed up all my injectibles, put up my other meds and boxed them all up feeling defeated.  I had spoken with my RE and told him that my cycle had failed and he wanted to schedule me for laparoscopic surgery to figure out what is going on and to rule out endometriosis.  I had already contacted Cape Fear Fertility in South Africa and pulled the forms for California Conceptions and San Diego Fertility.

I went about my day sulking and made appointments with my Internist, my OB for a referral to an RE and also with my NYC RE.

My phone rings this afternoon and it is CNY.  I called them back after letting the phone go to voicemail and I had the nurse on the line and I was sitting there with a tude waiting for her to tell me how sorry she was etc.   This heifer says CONGRATULATIONS.  I was like FOR WHAT?  She said your beta is 84 !  I was like say WHAAAAAT?   I do not remember any thing she said after that….  I remember saying MOM…. I’m… PREGNANT !   All I remembered after that was putting the phone back to my ear saying WHAT THE HELL and the nurse telling me that I have follow up blood work on Monday and Congrats….

How many times have I cautioned other patients not to believe the HPT because they can be false… God has got jokes huh???   Really God.  This is how you are gonna play me?  REALLY?  I am NOT amused, but so grateful !   I am still going to be cautiously optimistic until I see a fetal pole, a heartbeat, and can make it past 20 weeks !   I see my OB on the 10th so if all is well, I am demanding that he to a TAC so that my cervix doesn’t fail me.

Can you guys believe this?

IVF #6  - Beta smile

I am a MOMMY !!!!!!



IVF #5 – BETA IS….. TWO – NEGATIVE… BFN ! – The 411

ivf 5 - BFN

After sitting and stewing most of the morning, I decided to go to the lab at the hospital to have my beta done since my mom had an emergency dental appointment after radiation treatment today.  My beta is 2.  Having a feeling that it is negative and seeing it live and in person, are two different things.   I am pissed off.  At the same time, I am glad that I did give my own eggs one more chance before moving on.  I realize that just because the eggs make embryos and they “appear” normal, does not mean they aneuploidy does not exist.  The embryos can appear normal but will not implant if they are abnormal, which happens more often than not the older we get.  Our eggs are just simply hard boiled.

This is the reason why doctors push for women who are advanced maternal age to move to donor eggs so that the embryos are healthy and not “aged”.

If anyone has any advice about donor eggs and good clinics I should look into, please feel free to send me the info !!

** Also, if anyone is in need of Lovenox (30mg), Desogen(Apri) birth control pills, or Delestrogen, feel free to shoot me an email, as I have left over meds I will now not need. (

Let the research begin !

IVF #5 – Trigger Day 1 – The 411

baby- trigger shot

Tonight at 9:30 pm was trigger night !  #wootwoot  I did my Novarel 10,000 hcg shot IM !!

Today was such a long day for me.  I got up at 2:30 am and took a shower, did my Ganirelix, Neupogen and Lovenox injections around 3 am on my way to Union Station to hop on the train to NYC.  I got to NYC at 7 am and met my make up artist for breakfast and then hopped back on the subway to the Bronx for the visitation and homegoing services.

Some of my actor friends met me at the funeral home and we paid our respects.  The service was very nice and surprisingly not at all sad as I expected it to be.  It was truly a celebration of life for Grandmom Kate, who was 90 years old and Jared, who was 15.  Cristal was very composed and even spoke the zillion people who came from far and wide to celebrate the lives of the great grandmother and grandson who left Earth together. I did not attend to the burial program at the cemetery. I just could not do it.

I left after the funeral with a friend of mine and we went to midtown to Pio Pio and had a great Peruvian dinner.  I then headed over to Penn Station to board my 4 pm train to Albany.   I was upset that my car service was 30 mins late picking me up and then I missed the steak dinner the hotel serves on Thursday nights right off the grill !  I ended up eating mac n cheese from the freezer in the hotel mini grocer, waited until 9:30pm and then mixed and injected the first trigger shot.

As instructed, this morning, I did my am shots and I have taken my synthroid, prednisone, prenatal vitamins, and a baby asprin.  Tomorrow, I am going over to the clinic to do my intralipid infusion which will take an hour to do.  It is easier to do them on Friday when there is a full staff and a full day, as opposed to waiting until Saturday before the retrieval.  I do not want them to be rushed on Saturday, so I will go ahead and get it out of the way, plus it gives it a day  earlier to work and get my immune system dormant.

Praying that I have all immature eggs this cycle and that all of them fertilize.  I am hoping to have 4-5 embryos to transfer on day 3 and that two of them stick !   Putting it out there in the universe in case she is listening to me.  I am also hoping that I have  a few left over that I can grow to blasts and freeze for another cycle later.  It would be nice 🙂

IVF #4 – Beta Day – BFN – The 411

baby - BFN 2

Although I have been taking HPTs for several days and getting negatives, I still had to go in for a blood test this morning. The doctor’s office called at 1pm to tell me what I already knew.

I called Dr. Kiltz on Thursday and again on Friday leaving voicemails on his cellphone asking for a return call.  His birthday was Thursday, so he was not available since he had plans over the weekend, per the nurse.

The reason for my call is to get some answers about the mishap on the day of my retrieval when Embryology discarded my six eggs instead of watching them for maturity and then doing rescue ICSI, which rendered that cycle with only one egg to work with.  I was so livid that I almost cancelled my transfer when I found out the morning of.  Also, I asked Dr. Kiltz in January to order Embryo Glue for my transfer, which I understood he had ordered and when I got there, no one knew a thing about it.  Mistakes like this are no acceptable.  Suppose the Embryo Glue would have helped the embryo stick?  Suppose they had watched the other eggs and they matured and all of them or most of them had fertilized and stuck around for the three days until transfer?  There are too many unknowns and what ifs.

I also want to talk to Dr. Kiltz about doing another own egg ivf and completely changing the protocol and meds to Dr. Sher’s suggested protocol for advanced maternal age women. After watching the video, I learned that the reason why eggs are immature is because of ovarian overexposure to testosterone from the Menopur.

Initially, I started on 150 units of Menopur and the last two cycles, it was upped to 300.  According to Dr. Sher, Menopur should not be added until the end of a cycle and only in small amounts of either 37.5 units (1/2 vial) or 75 units.  Adding it at the end of a stim cycle gives the ovaries just enough testosterone to function but not enough to ruin the eggs and stout their development.  If too much testosterone is introduced to the ovaries, it will compromise the eggs development and you end up with a cycle that has lots of follicles that produce no eggs or immature eggs.

I had made up my mind before learning all this that I would only do this one last cycle before moving on to donor eggs.  After having a few conversations with fellow IVF’ers, I was left with “give it one more try with an different protocol and meds and them move on so you do not end up always wondering if it could have worked.

My mom and I talked about it and she feels that I should go for it.  She said the same thing, that if I did not try changing the meds and heeding the advice given, since it seems to explain the issues in my past three cycles to a T, then I would beat myself up should I get pregnant using donor eggs and always wonder if I could have done something different.

I have taken all the right supplements, followed the proper diet, exercised, gone to weekly acupuncture and then went through stims and ended up in the same place. It would not be a stretch to think that the protocol I am on and the meds I have been taking are just not right for me and something could be tweaked to get a better outcome.  The fact that my embryos make it to day five blasts without losing them is promising and lends to a decent egg quality.

I am going to discuss my concerns with the doctor and see what his thoughts are.  My friend who changed to this protocol and these meds had the best cycle out of five and is currently pregnant and will be giving birth in a few weeks.  She had a lot of great quality embryos come from that cycle.

I learned from information from Dr. Sher that HGH does not do much good (obviously !).  That was a waste of money !

I am planning on giving my body a break until next month and then start another cycle.  I will take this time to drop the weight I gained this past month while on stims and work on losing even more if I can. I was looking really good before I started injections !  Now my tummy is pudgy and black and blue 😦

Zero Zero Zero !! – The 411

baby - zero

I went in for beta testing this a.m and the nurse called me at 11:30 am to inform me that my beta is now  ZERO !!  I was fully expecting it to be five since it has been dropping only by one every week for the past three weeks.   Well, color me surprised when the nurse said ZERO !!

Never been so happy over the prospect of the onset of menses before in my life !  Really?  Only an IVF patient would be praising God for a period about to start LOL.

Now, I shall wait for AF to show her ugly face.  I am just hoping she doesn’t show up and cause scheduling conflicts with my upcoming film premiere on the 16th.  It would be my luck that I would have to go to Albany the week of my premiere for ER and then have to come to DC for the premiere and then trek back 7 hours to Albany for ET.  It is my prayer that my cycle holds off a week or two and then I can stim thru the premiere, trigger then leave for Albany. I also have a wedding to attend on the 23rd in Niagara Falls so, that would be perfect if I can be done prior to all of this…



Second Beta – The 411

Second Beta - The 411

Today I went in for my second beta and it is 495 !! Woot Woot !!

The blood work from my last Thursday indicated my progesterone was not high enough (11.8) so the clinic doubled my Crinone 8%. Just what I need, more gel up the hoo-hah to make even more of a mess. For some reason, doubling the dosage was not as much of a mess as I expected.

My RE in Manhattan called and asked me to come in on Monday for the first ultrasound. Woot ! Woot !!