IVF #6 – Stim Day 10 – The 411

Today, I had my CD 2 baseline appointment and unfortunately, my transfer is going to be delayed a week because my lining is 8mm.  I was instructed to stay on Lupron for an additional week, allow my period to complete and shed my lining and then go for another lining check and blood draw next week.

I called around to find an imaging center back at the beach so that I would not have to travel to Washington again for an appointment and was able to schedule an appointment on Monday at a local hospitals offsite imaging center, which does not do detailed radiology scans because they do not normally do IVF related scans.  They referred me to another private imaging center which does do detailed scans so I made an appointment with them and the first available appointment was on Thursday, New Years Eve.  I faxed my orders to them today and I emailed my nurse to ask her which appointment she wanted me to go to, since I am not sure exactly what she is looking for.  I have to wait until after the next scan to start taking the estrogen.  Luckily for me, I am just going with the flow and am not on any particular time schedule.  Now it looks like I will be bumped back until the week of the 18th for my transfer.

I called Xytex today to get an idea of their dates and times of operation and when to have them ship the sperm vial so that I can get it there in enough time for my fertilization.  Now I have a little extra time and will not worry about the shipment getting caught up in holiday travel.

So for the next week, I am still on Lupron and the other meds and supplements I am supposed to take.

Have a great night everyone ~


Oh My God Sweet Baby Jesus ! This JUST Got REAL ! – the 411

Oh My GawdThat moment when you speak to the nurse coordinator about your upcoming cycle and learn that since today is CD1, the very next CD1 is the first day of your IVF cycle !   OH LAUD !!!

After starting my day annoyed by people’s posts on Facebook (1) regarding the recently orphaned teen girl who was physically assaulted by a “police officer” in South Carolina and the rude, arrogant, judgmental statements spewing out of the mouths of racist individuals I actually thought were decent people (until they posted the most ignorant and racially charged words a person could say) and (2) a thread which started yesterday about people being allowed to bring children to a fertility clinic for their treatment which turned into a conversation about secondary infertility-  I feel that if you are a parent, and you PLANNED to be a parent, then be an adult and hire a babysitter and stop bringing children to places children have no place being- moreover, I do NOT want to be at a fertility clinic watching women fawn all over their existing children when mine never made it to birth…  it is rude and inconsiderate !  and while I feel for any woman who is battling infertility, there is NO comparison of SI to a woman who has never had the opportunity to be a mother.  There is a different level of pain.  These are two different situations and one does not negate the hardship of the other, but it is just different….  SO after reading this foolishness, I was annoyed until…. My nurse called to discuss the plan for my upcoming cycle and to go over what to expect.

Well, color me surprised that I start taking birth control pills after my next cycle !  In 5 weeks, I will be back to CD 1 and will start the pill along with the donor to sync our cycles YIKES !  This Just Got Real !!  Now I have butterflies in my stomach ! I take birth control pills then I will be on Lupron until I am instructed to start taking Estrace to thicken my lining.  I will also be on two different antibiotics (Doxycycline) and some other one that begins with a C that I have never heard of that is taken vaginally.  I also will have to take PIO and Endometrin plus all my normal autoimmune meds. My meds have been ordered and I will fill them over the next month !!  THIS JUST GOT REAL !!!

I have to purchase another all access pass to Xytex again and look through the all of the profiles to make sure that I do not want to change my donor for a better model (lol).  I have not looked at the donor list since 2013 when I selected my donor, who I used for all of my cycles.  I am going to make sure there are no newer donors that I may like better.  I am kinda nervous about changing donors, but in almost two years, I am sure some new people have surfaced possibly and I may like them better….

In other news, my film has been screening as a final selection of the Reel Recovery Film Festival all across the USA.  I was invited to do a live appearance for Q&A at the New York and Los Angeles festivals and next Saturday, it is screening in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  I am elated that all that hard work paid off and I am now an award winning film producer !

I am still dealing with Ms. Lunatic, Cristal !  For some reason, she is under an illusion that calling my phone from spoofed numbers, posting negative reviews about my books on websites and the like will not be tied back to her.  There is this little thing the Police and FBI do called INVESTIGATING IP ADDRESSES and they can track things back to the originator.  That coupled with public death threats and ones she has made over the phone and via text from spoofed numbers, it is just a matter of time before she lands herself in a padded cell.  It has been since MAY and this woman is STILL obsessed with me.  WHO does that? Insane Assylum-bound idiots !

On the family front, my sister and I are throwing a Tiffany & Co. Themed baby shower for our niece next week in Washington DC and it is a surprise for my niece.  I have been busy learning how to make cake pops and purchasing all the favors and items for the shower.

My mom is scheduled to start her reconstructive surgery on December 2nd !  We lucked out that she no longer has to have her stomach done to fix the breasts ! No flap needed !  She will be getting two new implants and the left breast lifted and made smaller to match the right one. We will be in Northern Virginia for a week while she recuperates.

I am excited about being there because I will be able to spend some time mentoring pregnant teens with the Mary Elizabeth Project and also have time to volunteer at two shelters I support.

I am headed out shortly to Dollar Tree to go shopping for cases of items needed to make blessing bags for the homeless.  My friend, former American Idol contestant, Frenchie Davis, is doing these bags for the homeless on Skid Row in LA this year so I am buying items to help out with her cause.  I also opted to donate the money I was going to spend on myself during my annual Christmas Shopping Spree to a cause my make up artist is heading up to purchase Christmas gifts for homeless and low income children.   I normally buy myself a new coat, boots, jewelry at Macy’s sales, and new clothing I find on sale, so this year, I will not be buying gifts for myself but for children and I feel pretty darn good about it.

In ME news, I have been doing my walk/run intervals every morning for 3.5 miles and again in the evening for 2 miles.  I also go to aqua zumba 2-3 days a week.  I am awaiting a call back from a great ballroom dance school and I am going to take lessons.  I am truly enjoying living on the ocean and waking up to waves every morning or looking at the moon sit and shine over the ocean at night.  I know now that this is where I belong !  ON THE SEA ! lol.   Now if God can get that memo and make my pockets match up so I can buy a house on the Pacific Pallisades and a nice 100 ft yacht and all will be well with the world !  As you can see, I am big dreamer… but hey, you have to have something to work towards.  🙂

I am headed out to Dollar Tree and then off to a consignment shop to look for baby boy clothes for the teen I am sponsoring.  I will also look for cute clothes for my niece and my niece’s baby… onesies are sooooo cute ! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone !!

Donor Egg IVF – Dilemma – The 411

ivf - DIY babyAs I embark on another IVF cycle, my sixth !, I have so many decisions that I am being forced to make ! My next cycle will be a donor egg cycle, as it is clear that my eggs/embryos are aneuploid and I do not want to keep riding this infertile merry-go-round of disappointment and heartbreak.

egg donor ivf - sperm donor line up

I lucked up because I just did a hysteroscopy in January, so I so NOT have to do the HSG or saline sonogram again (YAY!!!), (note that I promised myself, God and a few other people I was NEVER doing that HSG ever again….#painful!) and all I have to do now is a mock cycle when my menses resume later this month.

My dilemma now is that there are very few Black egg donors.  The ones the banks have are nothing like me, look nothing like me, do not meet my educational requirements, do not meet my overall requirements AT ALL !  Is it too much to ask for to find a black woman with great medical history, great familial medical history, be beautiful with high cheek bones, fabulous hair, nice teeth, high test scores/gpa, have a college degree or be pursuing one with a decent major (like med school, pre-law, pre-dentistry, engineering…. something ), be tall, no history of STDs, have a compatible blood type, and be creative (musically inclined preferably)?  Am I asking too much?  Those requests are just a few of my characteristics/markers …. I do not need a donor from the Caribbean, as my background is Black, White, Cherokee Indian and Blackfoot Indian.  I do not want my child to look distinctly different from me and my family.

After speaking to a few ladies on some of the online groups I am a member of, one gave me the idea to change my egg donor to caucasian and match the sperm donor to me.  She is in a interracial marriage and they had a hard time finding a Black donor so they used a White egg donor and black sperm donor.

My concern is how will this effect my child’s appearance?  Would they appear more White than Black or would it turn out the same if I were using my eggs since my donor is not Black?

Over the weekend, my mom and I went to the local festival and it seemed like there was an overload of mixed couples there with their children and most of the woman were White and their children looked more Black than White and looked like normal biracial children.  I felt more at ease with having to make a decision to choose a White egg donor if it comes to that.

I have made my appointment for my annual physical later this month and my doctor will sign off on the consent form for me to continue with IVF procedures.

I am still battling with the decision to use frozen or fresh eggs, though I am leaning towards doing fresh only.  The clinics I am interviewing have similar packages and my mom thinks I should do the largest egg package so that I have some to freeze for additional transfers and babies if need be.  If by chance I get pregnant on the first IVF and only one sticks, then I will want to try to a second  baby.  I would not want to wait around for the donor to become available nor would I want to risk her being retired.

My head is spinning with all these decisions to make !   I have signed up with a few egg banks that are approved by the health departments.  There are a few national ones that are approved with most health departments or at least in the States I am looking in for fertility clinics.

If any of you can weigh in with your thoughts, I would GREATLY appreciate it !  It is sooooo hard when no one you are close too has gone through this.  All I can rely on is common sense, my gut, and the women on the blogs  and online groups who have experienced it.

Moving forward with Project Little Valerie Renèes !!

imagesivf - sperm serve at womb temp

IVF # 5 – Just Re-ordered My Baby Daddy – The 411

sperm donor

So…. I just got off the phone with Xytex Cryobank International and ordered another vial of sperm of my donor.  I am TIRED of paying $800 for sperm LOL.   This is THE LAST vial I intend to purchase, as THIS vial has been ordained to get me pregnant with twins and possibly leave a sibling frozen to come back for later….

After a lot of thought and days perusing the donor bank, I decided to stay with the same donor.  I could not find one I thought more highly of than the one I hand selected with friends and family during my donor selection party a year ago.

Here’s to great sperm and two beautiful babies !!

Baby Daddy Is On THE Way – The 411

sperm donor

When your mind tells you to do something… DO IT !!   I sent a message thru the patient portal to my travel nurse to double check to see if I still have sperm in the freezer for my upcoming IVF since one vial is good for two procedures.

She sent a message back that I am all out of sperm (sound so weird to say!).  I called my cryobank and placed and order for a new vial to be shipped next week to my clinic and stored there for my upcoming egg retrieval and transfer. I thought of changing donors but then decided to stay with the same one since I really really love everything about him.  He is really the male version of me !  Can’t get much better than that ! LOL.

I am still taking the maca root twice a day and doing the castor oil packs for an hour every evening.  I wish I had initially read my notes and waited on the castor oil packs.  Castor oil packs are detoxifying and they draw fresh blood into circulation in the uterus and reproductive organs.  My period came back on for 2 days off an on after I started using the packs, but the goal is to try to get rid of those huge cysts so I can make my babies !!!

Tomorrow, my sister and I are throwing a tea in honor of my mother.  It is a tradition which started after her first cancer diagnosis eight years ago.  My mother LOVES tea pots so we have been giving her really odd and gorgeous ones from around the world for the past 8 years.  We honor her with a tea on Mother’s Day, either at home or at a tea room. Tomorrow some family friends are coming over at noon for high tea to wish my mom well on her surgery next week on Wednesday.

Donor Selection #singlegurlproblems

So….  picking a donor is not quite as simple as I had anticipated it being !

I was given unlimited access to the Cryobank of my choice as a Christmas gift from my mom.  I was so excited to have unlimited access to view all of the profiles, childhood pics, lifetime span photos, and all the bells and whistles.

I eagerly began my search and quickly had my hopes dashed as NONE of the donors I was looking at matched up to my ideals of what the donor would look like.Open ID was the first criteria I picked and also CMV negative.  From there, I selected men who has post-graduate degrees, preferably in the sciences/mathematics field.  My strong points are English/ Humanities/Music etc. so I figured I would balance the little one(s) out.

I asked the ladies on the support group site how they went about selecting donors and was surprised to note that some were not concerned about looks.  HUH?  Who wants an ugly child?

A lot of the ladies said they picked someone they would want to date, kinda like a baby-daddyMatch.com.  Now that makes sense.  Cryobanks only take about 1% of all the applicants who apply to donate so I am certain that all the health issues, and other anomalies have been ruled out up front.

I am really going to have to have a donor selection party, as I am having a really hard time finding someone who has the looks, intelligence, and personality I need in my donor !