Happy New Year 2023 ! – The 411

This year, I thought would be a new beginning and a departure from so much pain, destruction, and death all around us. Since just before Christmas, it seems life just hit the gas instead of the brakes !

I lost a social media friend, who was a popular comedian, to a senseless random shooting a few hours after he landed in Nola from LA for his upcoming show. On NYE, a childhood friend and his wife were killed in a mva, being hit head-on by someone veering into their lane as they were entering our hometown in NC.

Anita Pointer passed away. Judge Lynn Toller’s husband passed away unexpectedly. Several people across my social media have been posting death notices of family and friends. Jeremy Renner was run over by his Snowcat while trying to help a stranded motorist…

So many terrible things are already happening and we are just six days in ! I am mentally exhausted already.

The only good thing is that my mother’s cancer scare turned out to be just a scare. She found a knot in her breast that she has had cancer in 3xs already. Turned out to be just fat and scar tissue, a biopsy revealed. We are really thankful that it was not cancer. My mom is suffering from anxiety and depression and she has no idea how heavy a burden it is to live with someone or be around someone who has a cloud over them all them all of the time. Especially when my baby girl begins to comment that Grandmom is tired all the time and sad. I do not want my child feeling responsible for the mood of an adult and I worry that she may internalize my mom’s issues. PTSD has taken a toll on her. She has every reason to be happy and she would rather whine about her back and hip pain or lie in bed for days without getting up. When it is not that, she walks around talking about food and is consumed with what we are eating. I become resentful because that puts the burden on me to cook because she is eating the extras I prep to avoid having to cook multiple times a day.

I have decided that we will be traveling as often as we can this year. We are getting out of the house and on a plane or cruise ship and seeing the world. I am blessed that I can do my work from anywhere.

I am finally launching some of my projects that were developed prepandemic. My podcast will launch in a few weeks and we will tape episodes of my cooking show. I am working on two film scripts that I am really excited about as well.

I am manifesting some things for my life that I am believing God for. I will update when those things come to pass.

I am wishing you all health, wealth and peace this year.