Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash – the 411

Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash - the 411

I was researching products that are safe to use during pregnancy and came across an all natural face wash that contains tea tree oil at Whole Foods. Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash is sooooo soothing !

Mothers to be should stay away from well-known acne fighters like benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and salicylic acid- those are not safe even if derived from a natural source. The tea tree oil in the face wash will help clear acne and will wash away bacteria, leaving your face soft and clean !

So, This Just Happened- Day Before Beta HPT- The 411

So, This Just Happened-  Day Before Beta HPT- The 411

My mom and fellow ivf’rs have been hounding me to do a HPT. My mom has been having sympathy pregnancy symptoms the past few days. I found a HPT in my ovulation kit I had so I decided to test with first urine this morning, even though my beta hcg is not until tomorrow morning.


Okay- I will wait until beta to trust this and then make sure beta is rising.

I have been having nightmares that I give birth to triplets. I have also been seeing the number ‘3’ ALL the time ! Is God trying to tell me something? I guess time will tell ~

My Embryo Transfer- The 411

My Embryo Transfer- The 411

Today, I had my embryos transferred ! I went in an hour early to do acupuncture and then went down to meet my nurse and get prepped for the transfer.

My doctor, Dr. Grossman, came in to explain the procedure, answer any questions I may have and to explain the status of my embryos. Out of 12 retrieved, 8 fertilized and 4 of them made it to five day blast and ALL OF THEM were PERFECT !! Grade 1AA !! How about that !

I decided to follow my doctor’s advice and transfer three. The last one will be frozen tomorrow.

The transfer starts with a mock transfer to make sure the catheter goes through the cervix and into place. After that, the transfer takes place. It feels like a paps smear… It was very quick, about 15 mins and then I had to rest for an additional 15 mins before being escorted to the spa for post transfer acupuncture.

After I was done, my mom and I left and hit the road to her house.

I do not feel any different. No pain, no bloating.. nothing. I am really glad that this is over and now I just wait until May 1st for my beta ! #twinsorbust #maybetriplets

IVF Bloat – The 411

IVF Bloat - The 411

Does the conjuring up of images of the good year blimp mean anything to you?

Well, THAT is exactly how I felt the two days before and immediately after my egg retrieval !
I felt like someone could put me on a string and float me through town. BLOATED !!! DISTENDED !! FULL !!

After the egg retrieval, I felt like someone had pumped my abdomen full of air. I was so uncomfortable.

I learned that implementing the OHSS Diet helps to alleviate those symptoms. Salty snacks, nuts, a lot of protein, coconut water and tons of Gatorade will help pull the fluid out and give relief.

I added a 1/2 pk of Cristal Light fruit punch flavor to the fruit punch Gatorade to help with the salty taste.

The day after egg retrieval would be a good time to make a big cup of coffee with Miralax in it as well to help move waste out your body. Bloat and constipation is not cool !

Time For Progesterone Support ! – The 411

Time For Progesterone Support ! - The 411

Today I had to start progesterone support. I was given Crinone Gel and also Estrace tablets both to be inserted vaginally.

I, of course, am not too happy with the crinone cause it is akin to yeast infection meds. A pantyliner must be worn and since it causes discharge and build-up.

I was told to place the Estrace tab down in the Crinone and insert it. It is the weirdest feeling !

My Fertilization Report – The 411

My Fertilization Report - The 411

The nurse called to give me my fertilization report. Out of 12 mature eggs they collected, seven of them have fertilized and there is one more that may still fertilize- they are watching it.

It has been suggested that I do a 5-day transfer since I have plenty of eggs and to allow them to continue to grow and learn more about the embryos. Those that make it to blast typically have made it because they are the healthier of the eggs that fertilized. I was given my medication regimen again, even though they told me verbally and gave me a print out.

My RE, Dr. Michael Grossman, will be doing my transfer after an acupuncture session on Tuesday !!

So exciting ! I had a Maundy Thursday egg retrieval and an after Easter Monday transfer 🙂

Egg Retrieval – The 411

Egg Retrieval - The 411

This morning the film crew and I arrived bright and early at CNY Fertility Center and Spa. On the way to the fertility center, the film crew taped our drive over and taped me walking into the facility. I went in and checked in and was taken upstairs to the spa to start acupuncture. I was then taken down for prep for my procedure. I met with my attending nurse, Dr. Ditkoff (who informed me he was great friends with my NYC RE, Dr. Tomer Singer), and Dr. Pearson, the anesthesiologist. Another nurse and the Embryologist came in to speak to me and get info.

I got my IV in, was told I was being given Toradol and some other drug and I do not remember much else but waking up after that. I woke up and was cramping but I felt fine. The nurse started my intralipid infusion and I fell back off asleep. I awoke and had two minutes left of the IV and was given discharge instructions. They retrieved 12 eggs !! I will get a fertilization report in the morning and we will discuss my transfer, which ironically will be on Easter Monday !

The nurse gave me several boxes of Crinone gel and also called in a prescription for me to Freedom Fertility Pharmacy.

We left the fertility clinic and headed to Target to fill my prescriptions for Estrace tablets which I am to use vaginally, Lovenox (because I left mine at home!) and to pick up Tylenol Extra Strength and low dose Asprin.

I came back to my hotel room and my mom made lunch for me and the film crew and now I am resting comfortably. There has been no additional cramping nor bleeding. The bloating has gone down some, which is great !