Vatican and Colusseum Tour – the photo 411

Today we took a full day tour of the Vatican and Colusseum. My mother got separated from the group an hour into the 3 hr Vatican tour. We did not find her until towards the end and my daughter showed her natural born AZZ this day right here !

It was a combination of not sleeping all night and having to leave out at 7 am which is 1 am back home, sleepiness, crankiness and feeding off of my anxiety about my mom… we knew by checking that she had not fallen ill, so she was just separated. What could go wrong in a foreign country when you get separated, left your phone, ID, money etc with the baby and I?

Well, here are a few photos lol.

My Baby Takes Italy 2019 ! #CGBTurns3 – The 411

We arrived last Thursday in Rome to celebrate my baby’s upcoming 3rd birthday. We will be touring the country for a month.

My baby is so excited to be on yet another holiday, as she calls it!

Stay tuned and I will post highlights of the cities we visit. Tomorrow we have a full day tour of Vatican City and a few other Rome highlights.