Update 01/07 – The 411


Today is my 24th day of stims and I feel absolutely crappy.  My tummy is burning and hurting.  My RE is calling a script for a z pack and I think he is stopping the LDN until my tummy ulcer heals.

We arrived in DC this morning and went to lunch at Benihana, but I could not eat my food because my stomach was burning so badly.

I have been in the bed since we came back and my mom has been forcing me to drink Pepto Bismol.  I am going to give it a few more hours and if I am still feeling lousy, I am going to get up and go to the emergency room.  I will forego taking any more pills today and tomorrow except the Metformin and Prevacid and  hopefully that will help.

Fingers crossed that I feel better.  😦

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