Happy New Year !

We got back from London and took a drive to Orlando, Florida for New Year’s celebration.

We spent NYE with my nephew and his basketball team, as they had a conference game in Orlando.

We spent a few days in Orlando before heading to the beach.

We got back and had to do massive amounts of kiddy laundry plus our clothing from our trip and then we had to pick up the packages which arrived while we were away; mostly Christmas gifts.

I had the entire back of my SUV and the back seat loaded down with packages.

My baby was overwhelmed opening all of her packages and was mesmerized!

She still has toys that she has not opened yet. In fact, there are toys in storage from last Christmas that she never got around to opening so we boxed them up. They will all come in handy once we move to the lakehouse or farmhouse this Spring and we set up her playroom again.

We are excited for this new decade and all that is happening. I am manifesting great things !

My cooking show platform will launch this year and I will release 3 books before Spring. I am finishing up some studies in real estate development and will start the real estate license prelicensure course this week. I am doing some research on another field that is related and looking to launch a new LLC. Things are going well. We are just on week two and we have already sold one of the properties we bought this Fall. I started the REI to build generational wealth for my daughter. She gets so excited when I tell her that she sold another piece of property and now she can go shopping for some more. I think she believes that means she is going shopping for real lol.

I hope everyone is doing well and that you are implementing your goals /plans for your life !

Christmas In London 2019 – The 411

I decided to take my baby and Mom to London for the Christmas holiday season. Things worked out that we actually came a week earlier than planned because it was a lot cheaper to go ahead an leave from NYC after my doc appointments than to go back to the beach and then back up.

We left for London last Wednesday and will be here until the 29th. We will then leave for Orlando fron NYC for New Years. We spent last year in Orlando as well. We will be relocating there this Spring. I am a bit over the beach, as it gets cold there now instead of staying warm during Fall thru Winter.

Here are some pics of the Christmas decor we have seen this week !

Tomorrow, we are taking the baby to the London Aquarium and will find another shopping centre to buy Christmas gifts. We left all of our gifts at home so that we would not have to drag them here in suitcases. There have been a lot of deliveries since we left as well, as my daughter’s aunties, uncles, godparents etc have been sending her gifts ! My sister bought her this massive Barbie dollhouse and I hope I can get it in my car ! I should have driven my suv up North lol.

We had a ball at the London Eye again this year.

I am so excited to provide this experience for my baby girl and for my mom to be well enough to enjoy it.

I will post more pics this week of our tea, shopping and site seeing !