Lining Check – The 411

coming soon

Today, I went in for blood work at the hospital lab and then over to the women’s imaging center for my sonogram.  My lining is 7mm and is trilaminar !  My nurse called and is scheduling my egg thaw for Friday and my transfer for Monday.

My sono results came in but the blood work was not in when I talked to her. She is going to call me tomorrow with additional instructions, but for now, I am to stay on the Lupron and all other meds.  I am calling in my prescription for viagra and will take one pill per day vaginally for three days and I will go in for another lining scan on Friday (just because I am paranoid !)

Please keep me in your prayers and send up prayers on Friday that ALL SEVEN of my eggs survive the thaw and that ALL SEVEN fertilize and become embryos !!

I am feeling a lot better.  I am having issues from the ulcer, which was to be expected.  The z-pack also causes loose bowels so that coupled with the yeast infection I have now developed, I am NOT a happy camper lol.    These are the breaks eh?

Well, until tomorrow ~

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