Forty-Seven Weeks On The Outside – The 411

This week, baby girl had a ball being tortured with trying on Grandmom’s new wigs that came.

She hates when you place hats, wigs, or headbands on her head !  She snatches them off almost immediately so you have to have the camera ready. Lol

Above, I caught her standing but she refuses to take a step when summoned.  

I do not think it will be long before she will be brave enough to walk unassisted.

This week we celebrated the last day of radiation therapy for my mom.  Now she starts infusion therapy of a new drug protocol next week.  This infusion will be done every three weeks for the rest of her life.   

Things were looking up this week and she thought she could breathe a sigh of relief until yesterday she learned that my grandmother’s evil sisters are still targeting our family behind my grandmother.  My grandmom lives with my mom’s brother now because her dementia has progressed.  Her sisters were trying to get their hands on my grandmother’s money and trying to change her insurance beneficiaries to themselves.  They kept accusing my mom of abusing my grandmom and once the state investigated, it was determined to be unfounded on two occasions and the investigator from the area agency on aging stated that they realized that my aunts were doing this out of malicious intent and they would not be entertaining any more complaints.

That was three years ago almost.  Keep in mind we have not seen nor spoken to any of them, not even my grandmom because my aunts turned her against us.  Now they are back at it !  I ask for your prayers as we go throught yet another legal battle with these demons.  I will update more later…

Forty- Five Weeks or Ten Months Week One -The 411

Still no teeth and trying to walk !

My little princess… more like a little queen is growing into a VERY headstrong and independent individual.  

She is learning more words, becoming a lot more vocal about what she wanta and does not want and she becomes more gorgeous day by day.  I am completely and throroughly head over heels in love with this tiny human I made.  She is the best thing I have ever done ! 

Happy 28th Birthday to Me -Again !!

Today, I celebrate my 28th birthday, yet again.  Today, I get to celebrate with my real live doll.

I am excited to spend the day with my daughter and later tonight, a friend is taking us to dinner to celebrate.  I am having lunch poolside with my mom, baby girl and my niece.

I pray my birthday wish comes true !! 🙂

Ten Months Old – The 411

I can not believe ten whole months , forty three weeks and three days have flown by since giving birth to one of God’s angels.  

This has been the most exhilarating ten months of my life.  Waking up daily to see the beautiful face of the sweet baby girl I brought into this world through the grace of God.

I have watched my daughter go from a 4 lb 10 oz little ball of wonder to a plump little 22 lb cherub.  

She is now standing and will stand a few moments holding on to nothing but has yet to take any steps unassisted. She still has no teeth despite teething since two months old.  

She eats regular table food now, although I prep her foods and make miniature versions of items just for her.

Her hair is finally growing noticeably and her little feet are growing too.

She loves outdoors, going for walks, people watching and swimming or bathing.

My Mom Was Hospitalized AGAIN ! – The 411

After my mom’s month long hospitalization in March, I set up appointments with a renowned Cardiologist and a top Pulmonologist to follow up on the organ failure and ARDS to make sure she is recovering properly.

It has been a difficult few months and extremely stressful because my mom has not been herself.  The recent illness has exacerbated the PTSD she had from undergoing cancer treatment and facing mortality.

She has been having extreme mood swings and lashing out.  On one hand she is glad to be alive but she is also understandably angry and bitter because of her health situation, which with time will improve.

The Cardiologist ran tests and discovered that ejection fraction had declined since she left the hospital by 5-10%.  Normal is 60%.  In the hospital, it dropped to 25% and inproved to 45% by the time she was discharged.

Because of the pneumonia, ards and sepsis, that illness is the ONLY reason they discovered that her heart was was weak and had sustained damage over the years due to diabetes and cholestorol and hypertension.  Her EKGs always showed normal.  The echocardiogram was repeated and the doctor suspected that there was blockage.

They found 90% blockage in the main heart artery (the widow maker). The Cardiologist put a stint in and said she will be fine now.  Those “indigestion” pains she was been having (self diagnosis) turned out to be symptoms of the blockage that would have led to a massive heart attack in the very near future, BUT GOD !

Leaving the hospital

My mom is at home now and is resting comfortably.

Please keep her in your prayers that she heals properly and quickly and that her mental status levels off too.  Depression is not good and nor is PTSD.  It does not help that she is undergoing radiation therapy for the 3rd occurrence of breast cancer.  She had excision surgery on May 15th and the surgeon had to do it under twilight sedation because of risk of putting her to sleep.  She has three more weeks of radiation and then she starts a new medication protocol in lieu of chemotherapy.

What a way to live after retirement ….