My Embryo Transfer- The 411

My Embryo Transfer- The 411

Today, I had my embryos transferred ! I went in an hour early to do acupuncture and then went down to meet my nurse and get prepped for the transfer.

My doctor, Dr. Grossman, came in to explain the procedure, answer any questions I may have and to explain the status of my embryos. Out of 12 retrieved, 8 fertilized and 4 of them made it to five day blast and ALL OF THEM were PERFECT !! Grade 1AA !! How about that !

I decided to follow my doctor’s advice and transfer three. The last one will be frozen tomorrow.

The transfer starts with a mock transfer to make sure the catheter goes through the cervix and into place. After that, the transfer takes place. It feels like a paps smear… It was very quick, about 15 mins and then I had to rest for an additional 15 mins before being escorted to the spa for post transfer acupuncture.

After I was done, my mom and I left and hit the road to her house.

I do not feel any different. No pain, no bloating.. nothing. I am really glad that this is over and now I just wait until May 1st for my beta ! #twinsorbust #maybetriplets

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