Trigger Shot Day, Baseline Appointment – The 411

Trigger Shot Day, Baseline Appointment - The 411

This morning, I had an appointment with my NYC RE, Dr. Singer. Everyone in the office is extremely excited about my progress. I did blood work and my E2 is 1496 and the progesterone is 1.7. During the ultrasound, I saw a ton of follicles and most were in the 20mm + range. All of the smaller ones are around 10mm.

Dr. Singer said everything looked good and for me to discontinue the Lovenox so that I would not bleed out during the procedure.

I got a call from the fertility clinic with instructions to trigger tonight at exactly 9pm.

My egg retrieval is scheduled for Thursday morning. I am exhausted so we are leaving for Albany in the wee hours so that I can get some rest. My film production crew will be coming in on Thursday morning a few hours before the procedure and the entire event will be filmed.

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