One More Day- My Trip To Albany – The 411

One More Day-  My Trip To Albany -  The 411

This morning, I got up, showered, and we got on the road to Albany. My egg retrieval and reality show taping is tomorrow morning !

I will be on camera with no make up, no parfum, no lotion, and only deodorant ! At least I will smell like bath soap and Secret. LOL.

We stopped at Waffle House in MD for breakfast and while there, a nurse from CNY called to confirm my procedure and follow up with instructions.
The trip was pretty smooth except when we got to NJ and near the exit for I287, my blood sugar must have dropped or something. I felt jittery all of a sudden and out of body ! Light was blinking/ flashing and I could not focus. I got off the interstate for no reason and I spazzed out. My mom kept asking me if I was okay. I grabbed the other half of my sausage, egg and cheese sandwich from Waffle House and wolfed it down and I pulled off at a hotel to ask for directions back to the interstate. It was the weirdest sensation and it was like I lost complete control for a while. Thank God I did not pass out / black out !

I arrived in Albany, checked into my hotel and headed out to Walmart to grocery shop, as my suite has a full kitchen. I am going to go down to the gym shortly and then hot in the pool.

My film crew will be here in the am and the hotel comp’d my film crew a free one bedroom suite ! Celebrity sometimes has its perks! 🙂

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