IVF Bloat – The 411

IVF Bloat - The 411

Does the conjuring up of images of the good year blimp mean anything to you?

Well, THAT is exactly how I felt the two days before and immediately after my egg retrieval !
I felt like someone could put me on a string and float me through town. BLOATED !!! DISTENDED !! FULL !!

After the egg retrieval, I felt like someone had pumped my abdomen full of air. I was so uncomfortable.

I learned that implementing the OHSS Diet helps to alleviate those symptoms. Salty snacks, nuts, a lot of protein, coconut water and tons of Gatorade will help pull the fluid out and give relief.

I added a 1/2 pk of Cristal Light fruit punch flavor to the fruit punch Gatorade to help with the salty taste.

The day after egg retrieval would be a good time to make a big cup of coffee with Miralax in it as well to help move waste out your body. Bloat and constipation is not cool !

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