Day Nine of Stims – The 411

Day Nine of Stims - The 411

Nine days of injections ! I am glad to say that the Lupron headaches went away after the first few days. I increased my water intake and I assume it helped.

Tomorrow, I have a baseline appointment and after will receive the call to let me know which day I am to trigger and which day to report to the fertility center for my procedure.

I will spend tomorrow evening packing my bag and packing camera equipment for the filming of the docuseries. I am excited and very nervous. I am just praying for a positive experience at the fertility center, a peaceful week while relaxing in a hotel and shopping with my mom, and for a BFP with twins at the end of this journey.

Good luck to you all !

Day Eight of Stims – The 411

Day Eight of Stims - The 411

8th day of injecting myself full of hormones, and I FEEL it. I have become a professional IVF drug mixed and injector and I have the little bruises to prove it !

I finished Femera today and have one more night of injections before my Monday baseline appointment. My retrieval will be on Thursday or Friday.

IVF Stimming Bloat – The 411

IVF Stimming Bloat - The 411

As women dealing with infertility, we faithfully inject medications in to our bellies with the HOPE of getting to finally become a mother.

For the past seven evenings at 6 pm on the dot, I have injected 450 units of Gonal F, 150 units of Menopur, 5 units of Lupron and a pre-filled syringe of Lovenox.

I noticed nothing changing until yesterday when I felt a little “full” in my abdomen above my pubic hair line.

This morning I woke up and felt like my ovaries were stretching like they do a week before the onset of menses. It feels like that but also like someone took a balloon air tank and pumped a little air inside that area. It is a weird sensation and I can not say it is overly uncomfortable, I just do not like it.

Today, I did finish the Femera.

My hope is that I will not start feeling pain and extreme bloat over the next two nights with injections and that with the Ovridel, I do not develop OHSS. I am frightened that I will develop OHSS and my cycle will be cancelled. I do not want to have to freeze all of my eggs and wait two months or more, do more stim meds and THEN do a transfer. I really want to get started, get a BFP and have twin girls THIS YEAR ! Is that too much to hope and pray for?

Perusing the IVF boards on FB yesterday, I got the shock of a lifetime when one lady at my clinic who has IVF is pregnant with TRIPLETS ! She transferred three and they ALL took ! WHAT the WHAT???? I am thinking of transferring three with the hope of upping my chances of having twins. What is three stick? Oh Em Gee ! I do NOT want three babies… Now I am officially scared !

Day 7 of Stims and Baseline Monitoring /Ultrasound Appointment – The 411

Day 7 of Stims and Baseline Monitoring /Ultrasound Appointment - The 411

This evening, I did my seventh injection.

I had my third baseline monitoring appointment this morning and all is progressing well. I have nine follicles on the right which are large (greater than 10mm) with the largest being 14.38mm. There are also some small ones on both right and left. On the left, there are seven follicles measuring over 10mm, with the largest being 13 mm.

My nurse called this afternoon to give me an update and informed me that my retrieval will now be approximately on Thursday or Friday. I am to continue on my same medication regimen and report on Monday for the last monitoring appointment.

I am really glad that my retrieval will be later in the week so that my transfer will take place on Easter Monday ! How symbolic ! 🙂

Day Six of Stims – The 411

Day Six of Stims - The 411

Today was the sixth day I injected Gonal F (450 units), Lupron (5 units), Menopur (150 units) and Lovenox. My tummy is a bit bloated/ swollen by appearance. I have a few small bruises that are barely visible. I am taking Prednisone and Femera as well.

I feel great, but I have noticed that I am craving milk.

Tomorrow I go in to my RE, Dr. Tomer Singer for my next monitoring appointment.

I kinda had a bit of a freak out today. I am so much of a planner. I am a control freak and this is so out of my control. I had in my head that I would transfer 3-4 embryos to ensure that I have twins. Normally it is with IUI, not IVF that there is a danger of having higher number of multiples. Low and behold, a lady on my IVF board made a post about triplet moms. She is having triplets and another lady stated that she transferred three embryos and ALL of them stuck. FREAK OUT CENTRAL !! What the What?????? Say it is not so ! So…. there went my perfect little plan ! I DO NOT want three babies. TWO !! That is enough for me LOL. Now I am petrified, as I do not believe that I could go through with selective reduction. Basically they insert a fluid into the heartbeat of an embryo to stop the heart… for me that is abortion, and I can not do that. It will also endanger the other babies and possibly me.

Wish me luck tomorrow !

Day Five of Stims – The 411

Day Five of Stims - The 411

I am on my fifth day of injections. The injections went smoothly tonight. I did notice that I have a small bruise on the left side of my tummy where I stuck myself three of four times on day three of stims trying to get the needle in and it would not go so I moved down below the navel and it went in with ease.

I have one more day and then I am back in New York for a monitoring appointment followed by filming of my docu-series.

I am still experiencing a dull headache from time to time, but it is not constant. Lupron headaches are not joke when they start up but I have figured out that if I take Tylenol within two hours of the injections that my headache doesn’t kick in. I do have them about mid morning. I have increased my fluid intake which is supposed to help avoid the Lupron headache.

I have not noticed much change in me except I am craving milk (which I do not like). I bought a box of Frosted Flakes and will eat a bowl of that since I am craving it. I only have cereal maybe three times a year ! I have been craving cheese the past two days as well.

Day Four of Stims – The 411

Day Four of Stims - The 411

Today I went in for my first monitoring appointment since starting the injections. Everything is progressing well.

I had 12 antral follicles that are growing very well and my lining is at a 6.

Today, I had to add Femera to my protocol.

Mixing the medications tonight was a breeze. I have become an expert at mixing fertility meds and injecting them into my lil tummy. I have my next monitoring appointment on Friday. So far, it looks like I am week off from trigger. Looks like all is on schedule.

Day Three of Stims – the 411

Day Three of Stims - the 411

Today was the third injection. It was fairly easy, just as last night. I sat the Gonal-F and Lupron out of the fridge for 30 mins to warm to room temp.

I mixed the Lupron into the Menopur vial (1) , then drew out 450 units of Gonal-F with a insulin syringe and added it to the Menopur vial (1). I added the 1 cc of liquid that came with the Menopur to the vial and twisted the bottle slightly to mix it. I then withdrew all the liquid from Menopur vial (1) and injected it into the second vial of Menopur. I then withdrew the meds from the vial and injected into my previously iced skin on the left side of my tummy. (last night I did the right). After wiping another area with an alcohol pad, I injected the Lovenox. I then took the Prednisone. VOILA ~ All done !

I applied a bit of Ambesol on a sterile gauze and then put an ice pack on the area for 30 mins.

Last night, I developed the “Lupron” dull headache. I took 1000mg of Tylenol and it did the trick. I have noticed that I cry easily when watching tv shows. I hope this is as bad as it gets. I can not sit and cry all night while watching movies LOL.

Tomorrow morning is my first monitoring appointment. I guess they will tell me tomorrow when to start Femera.

Day Two of Stims – The 411

Day Two of Stims - The 411

This evening, it was a lot easier to mix the medications. I iced my tummy for 15-20 minutes before while I waited for the Gonal-F to warm to room temp. I mixed my Lupron, Menopur, and Gonal-F as directed and injected it. I then injected the Lovenox (which has caused my menses to continue – ugh) and took the oral Prednisone. I was done in less than 15 minutes once I started mixing the meds. I dabbed Ambesol on the injection sites to numb them and then iced for 20 minutes after.

Surprisingly, the injections do not hurt or sting. I am becoming a pro already ! 8 more days to inject these meds and then I will find out if I get to trigger. I am hoping that I will not have to report to the fertility center until the day after they are anticipating so that I will have five days to let my little embryos grow to blast. They do not do transfers on Sundays so I am pushing for a Thursday retrieval so that my transfer will be on Monday.

It is going to be really interesting to see how this all plays out since a camera crew will be on my heels the entire time I am at the center, in my hotel, and everywhere I go. Reality TV, here I come !

First Day of Stims – the 411

First Day of Stims - the 411

Today was my first day of stims. While cameras for my new reality series were rolling, I watched the instructional video my fertility clinic has on the website, mixed all of the meds, and injected myself.

My clinic has me combining the Lupron, Gonal-F, and Menopur. I did all three in one injection and then injected myself with Lovenox and took the Prednisone (oral).

The injections, after mixing and drawing the meds, was a breeze. It did not hurt and I got it done without freaking out. I forgot the cameras were there.

I am taking 450 units of Gonal-F, 150 units of Menopur, 5 units of Lupron and Prednisone twice a day for now. I have monitoring on Tuesday, Friday and the following Monday.

I am just prayerful that these medications do not alter my personality. I do not want to turn into a hormonal and evil girl.