IVF #5 – BETA IS….. TWO – NEGATIVE… BFN ! – The 411

ivf 5 - BFN

After sitting and stewing most of the morning, I decided to go to the lab at the hospital to have my beta done since my mom had an emergency dental appointment after radiation treatment today.  My beta is 2.  Having a feeling that it is negative and seeing it live and in person, are two different things.   I am pissed off.  At the same time, I am glad that I did give my own eggs one more chance before moving on.  I realize that just because the eggs make embryos and they “appear” normal, does not mean they aneuploidy does not exist.  The embryos can appear normal but will not implant if they are abnormal, which happens more often than not the older we get.  Our eggs are just simply hard boiled.

This is the reason why doctors push for women who are advanced maternal age to move to donor eggs so that the embryos are healthy and not “aged”.

If anyone has any advice about donor eggs and good clinics I should look into, please feel free to send me the info !!

** Also, if anyone is in need of Lovenox (30mg), Desogen(Apri) birth control pills, or Delestrogen, feel free to shoot me an email, as I have left over meds I will now not need. (planbchronicles@gmail.com)

Let the research begin !

11 thoughts on “IVF #5 – BETA IS….. TWO – NEGATIVE… BFN ! – The 411

  1. There is nothing suckier than that single line. So sorry. I can never ever forget how that feels.
    But, I always found it comforting to know what the next step was, and it sounds like u have prepared yourself for a donor for this next stage in your journey. Full steam ahead – best of luck


    • I am looking a some clinics in CA…. I am thinking of doing a fresh cycle and depending on price, doing a full cycle with the donor in lieu of sharing. That way I have a bunch of embryos and can have multiple attempts AND more than one pregnancy if I end up with a singleton.

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      • That’s really sensible. The stats are very similar at good embryology labs between fresh and frozen but the advantage of a not-shared fresh cycle is what you just pointed out. If you can afford it I think that would be the way to go. I’d be a little wary of the multi-cycle guarantee programs because some have very restrictive provisions and the REs won’t work with immune protocols. That could prove a challenge. Braver man’s embryologist is amazing and their clinic does DEIVF but I can’t recall the cost. I have a price list from last summer I can email if you want it. I know you disliked him because he is arrogant but I’m just throwing that out there as it is nearby.

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    • It is going to take me a few months to recuperate my bank account ! I have blown through over $80k in the last 12 months. Donor egg cycles are about $30k and I want to pay cash for that too and be done with it. I am moving in 7 weeks so I will be saving up and losing weight to get my body back ! By Fall I should be ready 🙂


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