Zero Zero Zero !! – The 411

baby - zero

I went in for beta testing this a.m and the nurse called me at 11:30 am to inform me that my beta is now  ZERO !!  I was fully expecting it to be five since it has been dropping only by one every week for the past three weeks.   Well, color me surprised when the nurse said ZERO !!

Never been so happy over the prospect of the onset of menses before in my life !  Really?  Only an IVF patient would be praising God for a period about to start LOL.

Now, I shall wait for AF to show her ugly face.  I am just hoping she doesn’t show up and cause scheduling conflicts with my upcoming film premiere on the 16th.  It would be my luck that I would have to go to Albany the week of my premiere for ER and then have to come to DC for the premiere and then trek back 7 hours to Albany for ET.  It is my prayer that my cycle holds off a week or two and then I can stim thru the premiere, trigger then leave for Albany. I also have a wedding to attend on the 23rd in Niagara Falls so, that would be perfect if I can be done prior to all of this…



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