Blog Update 1/29 – The 411

IVF #6 - im pregnant read the fine print

Today is 11DP3DT and I took a digital FRER first thing this morning before heading out to the dreaded beta.  The FRER said HELL NO !

IVF #6 - HPT that lied

I packed up all my injectibles, put up my other meds and boxed them all up feeling defeated.  I had spoken with my RE and told him that my cycle had failed and he wanted to schedule me for laparoscopic surgery to figure out what is going on and to rule out endometriosis.  I had already contacted Cape Fear Fertility in South Africa and pulled the forms for California Conceptions and San Diego Fertility.

I went about my day sulking and made appointments with my Internist, my OB for a referral to an RE and also with my NYC RE.

My phone rings this afternoon and it is CNY.  I called them back after letting the phone go to voicemail and I had the nurse on the line and I was sitting there with a tude waiting for her to tell me how sorry she was etc.   This heifer says CONGRATULATIONS.  I was like FOR WHAT?  She said your beta is 84 !  I was like say WHAAAAAT?   I do not remember any thing she said after that….  I remember saying MOM…. I’m… PREGNANT !   All I remembered after that was putting the phone back to my ear saying WHAT THE HELL and the nurse telling me that I have follow up blood work on Monday and Congrats….

How many times have I cautioned other patients not to believe the HPT because they can be false… God has got jokes huh???   Really God.  This is how you are gonna play me?  REALLY?  I am NOT amused, but so grateful !   I am still going to be cautiously optimistic until I see a fetal pole, a heartbeat, and can make it past 20 weeks !   I see my OB on the 10th so if all is well, I am demanding that he to a TAC so that my cervix doesn’t fail me.

Can you guys believe this?

IVF #6  - Beta smile

I am a MOMMY !!!!!!



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