Third Beta ! 02/08 – The 411

IVF #6 - 1st sono (sac)

Third Beta…… 4274 !! Progesterone….. 43 !!  E2….  1620 !!  Number of bambinos?  Inconclusive 😦

Baby’s first pictures !!

At 5 weeks 3 days, there is one clear sac and to the right and above the sac, looks like it could be another.  In another week or two, if there are hiding sacs, they will be visible by then.  I was hoping to see at least two sacs since I put back three embryos.  I was very disappointed, but very grateful for a strong healthy one !  I hate that I will not know for sure until closer to eight weeks.

I have an appointment with my OB on Wednesday and I will find out if I need to change my vitamins to Vitapearl or if I need to add more iron etc…  My OB is writing me a referral to have unlimited visits with my RE, Dr. Tomer Singer.  I am also going to ask him about doing a TAC and if he feels it is necessary.  I can not wait until week 10 when I do the Materni-T 21 testing. I am sooooo hoping for a girl !  Would LOVE to have two girls, but am happy with whatever God gives me at this point as long as they are healthy and happy !

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