Baby Daddy Is On THE Way – The 411

sperm donor

When your mind tells you to do something… DO IT !!   I sent a message thru the patient portal to my travel nurse to double check to see if I still have sperm in the freezer for my upcoming IVF since one vial is good for two procedures.

She sent a message back that I am all out of sperm (sound so weird to say!).  I called my cryobank and placed and order for a new vial to be shipped next week to my clinic and stored there for my upcoming egg retrieval and transfer. I thought of changing donors but then decided to stay with the same one since I really really love everything about him.  He is really the male version of me !  Can’t get much better than that ! LOL.

I am still taking the maca root twice a day and doing the castor oil packs for an hour every evening.  I wish I had initially read my notes and waited on the castor oil packs.  Castor oil packs are detoxifying and they draw fresh blood into circulation in the uterus and reproductive organs.  My period came back on for 2 days off an on after I started using the packs, but the goal is to try to get rid of those huge cysts so I can make my babies !!!

Tomorrow, my sister and I are throwing a tea in honor of my mother.  It is a tradition which started after her first cancer diagnosis eight years ago.  My mother LOVES tea pots so we have been giving her really odd and gorgeous ones from around the world for the past 8 years.  We honor her with a tea on Mother’s Day, either at home or at a tea room. Tomorrow some family friends are coming over at noon for high tea to wish my mom well on her surgery next week on Wednesday.


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