Donor Selection #singlegurlproblems

So….  picking a donor is not quite as simple as I had anticipated it being !

I was given unlimited access to the Cryobank of my choice as a Christmas gift from my mom.  I was so excited to have unlimited access to view all of the profiles, childhood pics, lifetime span photos, and all the bells and whistles.

I eagerly began my search and quickly had my hopes dashed as NONE of the donors I was looking at matched up to my ideals of what the donor would look like.Open ID was the first criteria I picked and also CMV negative.  From there, I selected men who has post-graduate degrees, preferably in the sciences/mathematics field.  My strong points are English/ Humanities/Music etc. so I figured I would balance the little one(s) out.

I asked the ladies on the support group site how they went about selecting donors and was surprised to note that some were not concerned about looks.  HUH?  Who wants an ugly child?

A lot of the ladies said they picked someone they would want to date, kinda like a  Now that makes sense.  Cryobanks only take about 1% of all the applicants who apply to donate so I am certain that all the health issues, and other anomalies have been ruled out up front.

I am really going to have to have a donor selection party, as I am having a really hard time finding someone who has the looks, intelligence, and personality I need in my donor !


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