Mock Cycle Day 1 – The 411

ivf- mock cycle 1 ivf - mock cycle 2Today, I went in for my labs and the sonogram for the baseline for my mock cycle.  My lining is thin and I had two follicles on each side. My day three FSH was 10.8 and the LH was 6.  My E2 was 35. Tomorrow, I have to take Estrace three times a day and continue for 12 days.  On July 13th I go in for the final sonogram to see how my uterine lining responded to the estrogen. I am not looking forward to shoving little blue pills up my hoohah three times a day and having to rock panty liners to avoid “smurf panties”, but it is what it is, as they say.

I spoke with the donor coordinator today and one donor I liked became available !   The second donor dropped out and I have the option of making embryos with my donor sperm and freezing them for later transfer if I so wish.

I really am not that gungho about doing FETs.  It is my intention to be the sole recipient of the eggs from a donor and then do an initial fresh transfer of two or three embryos and freeze all others for additional cycles, if needed.  I really do not want to have the fear of (1) not having enough eggs to work with by sharing with another recipient and (2) having the added stress of worrying about the embryos surviving the thaw and also sticking if they do.

Additionally, in order to use this donor, I would have to search for and select a Black sperm donor, as the egg donor is not of Black or Native American decent.  I am praying that I do not have to change my sperm donor and that I will find a Black and Native American egg donor with similar features to me and who is also educated.

The egg donor coordinator had me email her pictures of myself so that she can begin a search for a donor for me.  They are running new ads for egg donors and will hopefully get a few in for me to choose from.  They have a ton of new applicants they are screening but none of them are Black.

We are planning for a September match and a late October retrieval and transfer.  I wanted to plan for a July due date so that is the plan right now.  I have to save up money like crazy so that I can pay these astronomical fees associated with this IVF cycle.   It is all going to be worth it when I have my little Valeries in my loving arms.   I can envision them already and have so much love for these babies and they are not even here yet !  I can not wait to have them cut out of, introduce them to NYC for a few months and then take them home to our new State of California !!  I am looking forward to taking my babies to the beach in the mornings for walks with Grandmom and Great-Grandmom in tow.  How I can not WAIT for that to be my life !

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