Happy Birthday To Me !!!!

happy birthday - pink cake

Today is my 28th Birthday (again for the …..th year LOL).  I had a fabulous birthday which started with my sister and nieces coming by and bringing me a vase of red and white roses and a beautiful card.  At noon, I headed into Washington DC to meet my dear friend, whom I refer to as my hubby (we have been calling each other hubby and wifey since we met in Miami) and he treated to me to swanky brunch and bottomless mimosas.   The food was terrific, though we talked and drank mimosas more than we ate food LOL.

My mom’s flight from Punta Cana came in tonight so I picked her up from the airport after my date and then we scooped up my Grandmother and we all went to Houlihans for appetizers.

Tomorrow, I have my baseline sonogram for the final part of my mock cycle followed by labs.   I am meeting Skip again for drinks at the National Harbor tomorrow night to continue my birthday celebration.   I am big baby and love to celebrate my birthday in some way all month long !  lol.   By August 1st, my family is sick of me hahaha…   They love it though!

I hope everyone is doing well.   One more week and it will time for the big move !  I am not too happy about boxing up and moving stuff and then having to go out to California in a few weeks and start house hunting.  Because of some new projects I am developing, I am now going to have to in the Los Angeles area to be close to work….  I guess I will just have to wait until I am raking in the big bucks and then be able to buy a property in the Pacific Palisades or somewhere I really want to be. I just pray that wherever I am there are NO brush fires, mudslides nor earthquakes !  😦   I am NOT here for that !

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