Mock Cycle Complete- The 411

ivf- mock cycle final sonogram

Yesterday, after thirteen days of taking Estrace three times a day (vaginally), I had my final labs and sonogram.  The donor coordinator/nurse called me yesterday late morning after getting the reports and said everything went swimmingly and that once I am ready, we can start the donor egg ivf.

At present, there are NO suitable egg donors, though she mentioned one newer one on the site.  The girl is not attractive at all (none of the black donors are), has a wide ugly nose, terrible hair weave, and went to trade school like the other three black donors on the site.  Only one is in a trade school to become an RN.

The clinic has placed additional ads out to recruit more donors.  I told them they should definitely recruit on college campuses.  The donor coordinator has taken my photos so that they can use them to try to find matches.

I am elated that my body responded very well to the estrogen.  I was wondering why I was so irritable, bitchy and my nipples were aching….   My E2 was 5000 !   Wow !   Too bad it did not reach those heights when I was stimming… I would have had an amazing egg count !  lol

Last night, I went to the National Harbor with my best friend, Tereena, and my friend Skip whom I have been referring to as my hubby since we met in Miami last year.  We had a blast at my favorite bar there and my favorite bartender, Viktor was there was well and he made up a bunch of cocktails for us and we were needless to say toasted !   It was great to be out, celebrating ME and my birthday another night with friends.  I am starting to get really excited about settling in California, where the majority of my friends are and being able to have people to exercise with, hang out with and work with.   I miss that about being in NYC daily. It is great that a lot of my NYC and DC area friends have moved to LA so at least we will all be on the same side of the country lol.

Tonight, I am planning on going to Benihana with my mom for birthday celebration continuation 🙂

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