IVF 2 Stim Day 6 – The 411

baby - ivf stim day 5

This evening I did my injections a bit late.  I was at my film premiere and did not want to have to fight through a ton of clothes and mess around and get blood on my white top.  I waited until I got back to my hotel suite and pulled the meds out of the servi-bar fridge and quickly mixed and injected my meds.

The film premiere went really well.  My bestie, Alimi Ballard, of CSI Vegas, who was also a producer on the film, flew in and hosted the premiere.  My cast and production team all looked amazing and we had the most awesome fans and supporters who came out. The DJ was amazing and the press interviewed the cast and production team and a few people from my church, including one of my ministers who was in town from ATL came as well.

I am BEYOND tired !  I am waiting on food delivery to arrive so that I can eat something and go to sleep.  Everyone else is going to a local hot spot for the afterparty.   I need my beauty sleep LOL.

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