IVF 2 Stim Day 7 – The 411

baby - ivf stim day 7

Today, I went in for a baseline appointment and was delighted that my follicle count is now up to 10 !!  Now I do not feel as bad.  I just do not want to go through this cycle and end up with just a few embryos, one or none.  That happens far too often with women on the various discussion boards I am on. 

Tonight, I injected my lovenox and then had to run out to drive one of my actors from Boston to the train station and then I came back, iced up, mixed my meds and then injected them.  My tummy is already starting to become bruised in a place or two. 

I am extremely tired and grouchy this cycle.  I was a bit tired the last stim cycle as well, but this time I feel drained beyond reason.

Somehow, I skipped a cycle day and not sure how I missed posting on Wednesday, but anyway, every night I pretty much do the same thing. 

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I will not have to trigger until Saturday and will head to Albany on Monday for egg retrieval.  I am trying to find a beach or a nice place to go between ER and ET.   It is pretty boring in Albany.  It reminds me too much of being in the country.  I am not used to visiting Walmart, Target and grocery stores or walking thru a mall as my form of entertainment.  The movie theater there was fun, as there is an IMAX and the shopping was great. This time, there is no need for me to go a shopping spree at Bye Bye Baby.  I will refrain from making any additional purchases until I pass the 25 week mark.  I will also not be telling anyone if I do get pregnant until after I pass the 25 week mark.  I am petrified of getting pregnant and suffering another loss.  All I can do is trust that God will allow me to be in His permissive will as well as His directive will. 





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