IVF 2 Stims Day 5 – The 411

baby - ivf 2 stim day 4

Tonight, I, again, could not get the stupid needle to go into my belly. It is like the needle is dull or something.  I iced my tummy and then just let my grandmother, who is a nurse, but also has alzheimers, do the shot. I was PRAYING that she remembered how to stick someone LOL.  She did great and was so proud of herself. 

I mixed up all the meds pretty easily.  I had to pack up all the meds I will need for tomorrow, as I will be doing my shots at the film premiere.  I have drawn up the lupron, and the gonal-f into the insulin syringes and will put them in a cooler bag with ice packs. 

I forgot how very tired I get on these meds.  I am so exhausted I could sleep for days ! I have to get up early in the morning to get my hair curled and wait for FedEx to bring my additional boxes of Gonal-F for next week.  I am having them deliver only two and will call on Tuesday if I need more. I should be okay as long as my stims are done by Friday. 

I am a bit disturbed by my ultrasound today.  I have 5 follicles in my right ovary and only 2 on the left according to the portal report.  I am not sure if there are more that are tiny and they were not accounted for or if that is all I have.  7 follicles will end up being 6-7 eggs which is not enough.  The last time I had 12 and 7 eggs fertilized and 4 made it to five day blasts.  I still have one frozen but I am hoping for at least three blasts to transfer so that I can get this over with.  I am going to call the nurse in the morning and ask for her thoughts.  I have not been doing acupuncture since my miscarriage and called for appointments this week, as it can not hurt.  I also have not been taking all the supplements I took last time like the Co-Q 10 and Inositol on a consistent basis.  I have been so overwhelmed with WHEN and IF my menses would resume.  Now I am officially freaked out !

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