Aunt Flo Is On Her Way…. Happy Dance – The 411

baby - gettin my happy dance on

baby - happy dance

This morning I woke up and went to the bathroom to empty the ole bladder and low and behold, a light red tinge !  She is coming !!!  I feel slight twinges and kinda like my ovaries are twisting or something.  That “pre” feeling we ladies get that’s OH SO MUCH FUN !  Yeah… that !

I am so mixed with emotions !  Happy that my menses have resume (only an infertility patient would be that cray cray right?) and now frightened at the thought of …. THIS IS IT !   TIME TO DO IVF #2 AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW ?

I feel like people in the movies when they say, and I quote… ” I NEED A DRINK !… I NEED A CIGARETTE !”… and I do not even smoke ! lol  I need a valium… a bowl of gelato…  some chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven… something !

Okay, I am back … all together now.  I will reel in these nerves and just go with it and pray for a positive outcome this time.  I am a fighter and I am victorious.  I can handle this… RIGHT?

Now for the dreaded transvaginal ultrasound on Tuesday 😦   (gross) and MORE sticking of needles.  I will schedule a massage and acupuncture this week and that should help my nerves.

Now I worry that I will stim and have to trigger and report to Albany before my friends wedding on the 23rd.  If things go as they did last time, I will stim until the 22nd or 23rd and they will tell me to trigger on the 23rd and come to Albany on the 25th for ER.  That will be PERFECT because I will be in Niagara Falls, NY for the wedding on the 23rd and can just drive to Albany (12hrs I think) from there… I can leave early on the 24th and drive 8-10 hours, get a hotel room and then drive to the clinic from there.  I have already made my reservation at my favorite hotel for the 25th for seven nights, so all I have to do now is call them and tell them I need my rate reduced to match the CNY rate at other hotels.

Wish me blessings and much baby dust !!





5 thoughts on “Aunt Flo Is On Her Way…. Happy Dance – The 411

  1. Thanks Jebhow515. I was excited last time. Now I dread getting pregnant and going in for a routing ultrasound only to learn my baby has died…. That part, not so fun. But I am trying not to focus on that and put my energy into a positive outcome.


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