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baby - waiting

My beta dropped to zero over a week ago and I am STILL awaiting Aunt Flo… menses… you know who… to arrive !  I was  hoping and praying that she would not make her unwelcomed appearance before later next week so that my stimming will not interfere with my plans to attend my friends wedding in Niagara Falls on the 23rd.  Now, if my menses resume as they should by next week, I will have to deal with it during my film premiere, which is not the business.

Luckily, I found an awesome black ballroom skirt so my dream of wearing all white went out the window.

I have been hella depressed because of the weight gain I have because of the stim meds and also the immense pain in my muscles and joints because of side effects from the Lupron.  I can not really do anything about these thunder thighs, ballooned breasts, and flabby tummy right now because there is not point in paying for a gym membership I can not use in a month and I can not do any crash diets.  I am already on a paleo diet so I should not have gained any weight.  I lost 12 of the pounds gained, but the other 15 pounds are lingering in the wrong places ! 

I gave my Nutribullet to my sister, so I decided to treat myself to a gorgeous Vitamix ! Yay me !!  This thing BETTER be worth the $600 price tag.  I have a bar blender but it will not work well with blending up veggies and fruit into the consistency I need.  I am going to juice and smoothie my way into some lost weight.  Because it is extremely healthy and I am getting all my nutrients and calories, I should be able to tighten up the bloat. 

IVF number 2 hopefully will not have me looking like the Pillsbury Dough Girl.  Yes, I am that vain.  I am a model and actress and lest not forget, still waiting for MR. RIGHT.  I also care about my health and want to be around to raise my soon to be babies.  15 pounds may not seem like a lot but it truly is when your size 10/12 is now a 14 !  UGH.  Large has become Extra-Large to hide the flabby belly.

I digress.  

I have been spending my time developing a docuseries, a feature film, and also launching a new division of my company.  We have just launched an upscale travel agency.  It is our plan to provide travel for the film industry and market to groups, friends, etc.

Multiple streams of income can never hurt.  Eventually, all of these irons on the fire will blaze and I will be able to rest.  My motto is sleep is for billionaires ! 

6 thoughts on “Waiting…. – The 411

  1. Would love to know your thoughts on the new Vitamix! I’ve been wanting one but wasn’t sure if it was worth the investment!


  2. My trainers both have it and swear by it and the doula I am thinking of using who has a set of twins loves hers. They all use it for breakfast, lunch and two snacks daily and it is supposed to be better than the Nutribullet because you can blend ice in it too. I love juicing and fruit/veggie smoothies, so I hope I can get my money worth. I will post about it once I get going. They do sell them on QVC or HSN with multiple payments I understand. My male trainer told me about that when he got one earlier this year.


    • The paleo is great and fits right in with my Southern girl roots ! I love vegetables straight out of a garden. Nothing like Mustard greens with spring onion, yellow squash with vidalia onion, cabbage, fresh string beans with sweet onion and new potatoes, sauteed okra, fresh stewed silver queen corn, and heirloom tomatoes ! I ate plates of vegetables and had to make myself eat meat when I was pregnant !


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