So Sad- The 411

baby - sad face

Besides the fact that cramps and bloating are kicking my behind, I learned today that I may not be stimming right away but may have to really start ALL the way in the beginning and will be either doing birth control pills for a month or I will have to take Estrace on day 21, wait for the next period and THEN go for another baseline and stim.  

Being that Estrace was the reason I ended up with two large cysts on my left ovary last time I took it, I would rather just do the birth control pills for a month as part of my estrogen priming protocol.  Since I just had a D&C, I was hoping that I would not need to do all that and could just start stimming if my lining was good.  I am so sad and disappointed because I was so ready to just stim, do the retrieval and transfer and get this show on the road. 

I keep reminding myself that I am on God’s time and I can not rush this.  I have to do this right and let my body heal so that I have a good chance of making it to term this time.  I am ready to experience pregnancy- not giving birth per se !-  but the pregnancy part I am good with.  I am NOT looking forward to being cut open and having two little mini me’s snatched out.  I deplore the thought of pushing ANY thing out of my hooo-haa and tearing.  I would much rather have a c-section followed by a tummy tuck. 

Anyway, I am ready to get this ball rolling and am not very happy with the delay.  I keep telling myself, BREATHE !

2 thoughts on “So Sad- The 411

  1. Sorry to hear about the speedbumps you have encountered. It can definitely be frustrating! Yet you have found a positive way to view it by knowing your body has to take time to heal. Hoping for your blessing baby soon!


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