My PGD Results (genetic testing) on My Embryo Are In- The 411

baby- genetic testing

Today, I called Lenox Hill Hospital and spoke to the genetics lab. They have been bs’n my OB for weeks about my results, promising to send then by weeks end for the past 4 weeks.  Well, as on Thursday when they were not there, I was PISSED !  I called first thing this am and reamed them out !  How DARE they make a woman who lost a baby unexpectedly WAIT SIX weeks for results that should have been completed within TWO !  They lady made a few calls and learned the lab report had been compiled and will be send to Dr. Karamitsos ASAP.

Dr. K called me this afternoon and just as I suspected IT WAS A GIRL !!! What is heartbreaking and relief at the same time is that the was NOTHING wrong with my baby !!  No trisomy… no translocations… no downs… NOTHING !  She was normal…  WHAT?   Then what happened?  My RE initially thought that it was an autoimmune issue.  I was already doing intralipid infusions and prednisone to counter autoimmune issues.

I sent a message to my RE at CNY Fertility Center and Spa to get his input on my next cycle so that we will not have a repeat of last cycle.  I want THE most aggressive autoimmune treatment they can give me.

Today, I went in for my beta and am hoping it has dropped to 0 and my period will start soon so I can get this show in the road !!

4 thoughts on “My PGD Results (genetic testing) on My Embryo Are In- The 411

  1. You should look into seeing Dr. Braverman on Long Island. He is a reproductive immunologist and specializes in losses and pregnancies involving autoimmune issues. His treatments are much more aggressive than most RE’s.


    • Thanks Cocokge. I am aware of him and of course he does not accept my insurance plan. My Internist is seeing me this week and doing the panel of tests that Braverman does and will consult with him on the results. My Internist specialized in autoimmune disorders. My REs seem to think that the loss was due to something genetic that was beneath the level of detection of tests they are able to run. I was on a pretty aggressive autoimmune protocol and we also discussed adding neupogen but it does not seem to add any assurances but just additional costs.


  2. I’m so sorry, that is very heartbreaking.

    Do you have a pre-existing autoimmune condition or did something cause your RE to prescribe the prednisone and intra-lipids? Cocokge makes a good point about Braverman though I can understand you may be attached to your CNY RE. What dose of prednisone were you on?


    • I do have autoimmune issues but nothing relating to fertility. I discussed the protocol with the RE and we did the kitchen sink approach. I was tested for NKC but nothing was detected. We will continue the antibiotics, lovenox, progesterone, intralipids, and 10mg of prednisone a day. I see my Internist this week and he is going to run a panel of tests that Braverman runs as a precaution. My insurance doesn’t cover Braverman but my Internist knows him and he actually specializes in autoimmune disorders and will consult with Braverman with my results. I actually have three REs. Two at CNY and another in NYC at Lenox Hill Center for Reproductive Health. I will let you know what if anything they find and keep you all updated.


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