Planning Life As A Single Mom

It is Christmas.  Exactly one year before I am planning to venture into Mommyhood !

I have spent a lot of time these past few months soul searching and mourning Plan A; you know the fairytale… the happily ever after where you meet Prince Charming, have the fairytale wedding, have children and live in eternal bliss?

That is not my reality.  There is no Mr. Right on the horizon, but was is in plain view is my ever ticking biological clock !

I had been beating myself up wondering if I should wait on a life partner before delving into motherhood. I felt that my fertility situation, particularly the sense of urgency I had, would put too much pressure on a new relationship for it to be successful. I didn’t yet trust myself to pick a more genuine partner to spend my life with. So, that leave me with a long thought out, heartfelt decision that I would go this alone.

If I continue to let time pass waiting for something that may never happen, I will be remiss because I want to have a child.  I want to be responsible for nurturing, loving, and rearing a little soul into becoming a dynamic, God-fearing, loving, intelligent, talented and well-rounded person.

I have now completed all of my testing and have made a firm commitment to go to the gym and to drop as much weight as I can over the next 2.5 months.

I admit, I am a bit vain and I do not want to be a chubby mommy when this is all over with.  Gotta keep it sexy !  🙂


One thought on “Planning Life As A Single Mom

  1. I think you have your priorities in the right order – you and your mommyhood dreams (and self-care) first, life partner (if the right one shows up and sticks around one day) afterward. Hope you had a merry and blessed Christmas and that it’s the last one you celebrate as a mommy-in-waiting.


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