Acupuncture for Fertility – update

Today, I went in for my second acupuncture treatment.  I missed the last two because of snow and ice.  For some reason, I feel so worn out and out of sorts after my sessions.

Today, the needle in the center of my forehead stung as the doctor inserted it.


The ones in my neck, I did not feel this time but I messed around and popped my toe and the pain in that nerve for two seconds !  WHEW !



I think my favorite part of the session is this heat lamp they place over my tummy.  If I did not have needles in, I would curl up into a ball and sleep like a baby with that thing !


I informed the doctor today that I would not and could not drink that nasty tea he gave me so he switched me to pills.  The pills-  I must take 10.. YES TEN PILLS three times a day !   THIRTY PILLS A DAY !  I am already taking a boatload of pills… I have to figure out where I am going to fit these in.  I am thinking I will set my alarm for 4 am , take 10 and then take the other two doses at 1pm and then at 8pm. I am doing this to avoid drug interactions with the other supplements and meds I am taking.  I am spacing everything out by 3-4 hours.

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