Excitement Over Baby Shower Wained- The 411


I am up, dressed, and the car is packed.  I am NOT excited at all to be leaving for NYC for the baby shower.  In the past few days, I have had 12 people text or email me (not call) and cancel their rsvps for various reasons.  None of the reasons are sufficient for contacting someone a few days prior to an event that costs $125 per person and rising…  to cancel when you have known about the event for three months.  A save the date was sent out and invites were mailed out at the end of May.

The latest person to text me was one of the godparents.  He is an actor and got called in to do ADR work for a film he recently completed and because he is in Charleston, there are no flights arriving in NYC the next day in time for him to make the shower, so he can’t get the ticket changed.

I am certain that the day of the event , there will be others who will not arrive.  Of those who cancelled, I have gotten gifts from TWO people.

What is disappointing is that people who know my family KNOW that when we host events, it’s not a come over for cake and cup of punch kinda event !   We hired the florist who was Joan Rivers personal florist to do floral arrangements for the shower !  Butterfield’s is catering !  Sprinkles is hosting  !  Make My Cake is providing the two tier cake !  Banana Bakery of Dallas TX, Leri Sweets of Raleigh NC, and Cakes Etc of Cleveland OH made the favors for the shower !  We ordered white linen chair covers with an organza chair tie in silver for each guest chair !  Ordered silver chargers, bought beautiful dining-ware !   White Linen Table Clothes !  Glass Globes for the tables to put snowball cookies in…. Linen placemats… white platters… white risers and cake plates etc…   It is going to be beautiful…

I was over capacity (as in standing room only) by 13 guests so I really should not be upset because now everyone will be able to be seated, but it is just the unmitigated gall of people NOT showing up and the excuse being bullshit like “it is my mom’s or son’s birthday”….  Really?  You KNEW that when you accepted the invitation.  The $1500 that is being wasted for no shows would have paid for a vacation after baby is here or paid for her crib at Restoration Hardware.   I do not have $1500 to just throw up a cat’s behind !  So yep… I am bitter and pissed off.   I NEVER cancel on rsvps. I have been present at every shower, wedding, birthday, movie premiere, awards show, play etc of every person that I invited… I have even shown up sick as a dog, but was there.   I do not get people’s perception of friendship.  To me, it is about SHOWING UP !  After nearly three years and after seventeen medical procedures to have this kid, not including the one I am having to get her out, this is kinda a BIG DEAL !   Any woman having her first child is a BIG DEAL !

On top of that drama, I have people calling me and asking if it is okay to wear pink or black  to an ALL WHITE party !  At this point, I am over it and wish I had never had the brilliant idea to have this event.  It is too late to back out now and I am sure that I will be okay by the day of the event… I have the rest of the day to rest up once we get to the hotel in NYC.  My sister and niece are flying in and will be at the hotel by the time we arrive.  My other sister is driving up with her daughters and the baby boy.

What is the saying?  Que se ra se ra ?   However the hell you spell it….

2 thoughts on “Excitement Over Baby Shower Wained- The 411

  1. Ugh this seems to be a common theme with people these days. Either they are too lazy to RSVP or they do say they’re coming and bail at the last minute. We stopped inviting people over to our house for this reason. It’s so frustrating. I hope you have a great shower even with people acting like this towards it.

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