Coming Home Outfit -Burberry



My baby’s coming home outfit arrived in the mail today !  I’m so excited.  Now I only have to get a pair of crib shoes to go with it.

Can Someone Tell My Baby…..


That starting a kick fest at 12 midnight and wrapping up around 4 am is not the business !!

NOW that I can actually fall asleep without an act of God, my dear baby has changed her movement patterns !  Before, she was active around 7 am, 3pm, and 7-9 pm.  Now, she moves around 11:30 am, 3pm, and then moves nonstop from midnight until she gets tired.  I had fallen asleep and then awoke to a strange sensation.  Her movements now feel like a cross between kicks and a balloon or bubble bursting.  It is so very weird.  She moves so much, it wakes me up.  It does not matter if I lie on my right or left side or sleep sitting upright on pillows on my back.  She also jumps on my bladder so I keep having to get up to urinate.  I hope her schedule goes back to the way it was before.  Babies tend to keep the same schedule they kept in utero.  Pray for me ! lol

Delayed Bathing After Birth – The 411

Image result for bathing infant

It is now standard protocol at many hospitals to wait 8-24 hours to give a baby his or her first bath, and up to 48 hours if the baby was delivered by c-section. Delayed newborn bathing is consistent with World Health Organization recommendations and based on medical research. A hospital-based pediatrician feels , that delayed bathing is the safest medical choice for babies; it just seems right.

Here are 8 reasons why doctors recommend delaying a newborn’s first bath:

  1. Reduced risk of infection: Babies are born covered in a white substance called vernix, which is composed of the skin cells your baby made early in development. Vernix contains proteins that prevent common bacterial infections. Think of vernix as a sort-of natural antibacterial ointment. Your baby is born covered in this anti-germ barrier. Bacteria such as Group B Strep and E. coli are often transmitted to newborns during delivery and can cause bloodstream infections, pneumonia and meningitis, and can be fatal. These are not rare infections– we test babies for them daily. Vernix is nature’s protection against these infections.
  2. Stabilized infant blood sugar: Bathing a baby too soon after birth can cause low blood sugar. Here’s why: in the first few hours after birth a baby has to adjust to life outside the uterus, including losing the placenta as a source of blood sugar. Bathing causes crying, stress and the release of stress hormones. Stress hormones can cause a baby’s blood sugar to drop, which can make a baby too sleepy to wake up and breastfeed, causing the blood sugar to drop even more. Rarely, low blood sugar can cause neurological injury.
  3. Improved temperature control: Giving a baby a bath too soon can cause hypothermia. Inside mom it was about 98.6 degrees, but most babies are born in rooms that are about 70 degrees. In the first few hours after birth a baby has to use a lot of energy to keep warm. If a baby gets too cold, he or she can drop their blood sugar or have other complications.
  4. Improved maternal-infant bonding: New babies need to snuggle skin-to-skin with their mom be given a chance to try to breastfeed. I have been attending deliveries regularly for more than a decade, and I love it. But those first few minutes of life are not meant to be spent with me, a nurse or any healthcare professional. Those precious few minutes are meant for bonding between baby and parents. As long as the baby does not need help breathing or immediate resuscitation, babies need to be held by their mother. Infants who are held skin-to-skin on mom’s chest have better blood sugar and temperature control and have an easier time learning to breastfeed. We even do skin-to-skin at c-section deliveries. The bath can wait.
  5. Improved breastfeeding: Studies show more breastfeeding success when moms are allowed to stay skin to skin with babies and this time is not interrupted by medical “procedures” or a bath. If you’ve ever struggled to breastfeed a newborn, you know how hard it can be to get them to latch onto your nipple. Breastfeeding can become a stressful burden on a very tired mother. But babies who breastfeed in the first hour of life—and preferably in the first 30 minutes—have a much easier time learning how to latch. Why? Because when the baby is inside mom’s uterus, she is constantly and rhythmically sucking in amniotic fluid and swallowing it. At birth, she cries, breaths air and starts to forget how to suck and swallow. If you wait more than an hour to breastfeed, babies can have a hard time latching, sucking and swallowing. If you breastfeed right away, the baby still remembers how to suck and swallow. If you put a baby skin-to-skin between mom’s bare breasts at delivery, she will be warm, soothed by mom’s voice, find the breast herself, latch right on and start nursing. The moms giggle and cry. They are so happy. This is how the first few minutes of life are meant to be. Forget the bath.
  6. No baby lotion required: Vernix is a natural skin moisturizer and skin protectant. Babies need skin protection during the transition from the amniotic fluid into the air environment. If you delay the bath, there is no need for artificially scented baby lotion. Instead, you get to enjoy that new-baby smell.
  7. Everyone will wear gloves: Hospital workers are always supposed to wear gloves when caring for an unbathed baby, to prevent exposure to body fluids such as amniotic fluid and blood. Some studies have shown that glove-wearing keeps babies safer too, by preventing transmission of common viruses and other infections from workers to babies.
  8. Parents get to enjoy bathing their baby: After mom has had time to recover, parents can more easily participate in baby’s first bath and it becomes a teaching opportunity between nursing and parents. You can use whatever special baby bath products you choose and watch your baby coo and smile.

Delayed bathing is not yet protocol at some hospitals, but you can still request it. Be sure to include your desire for delayed bathing in your birth plan. Don’t have a birth plan? You need one. Here’s an example to get you started. Before writing your birth plan, be sure to think about these 11 medical decisions to make for your baby before delivery, or someone else will make them for you.



Baby Shower Invitations Arrived Today !!!

I am so excited !  My custom baby shower invitations that I designed with Soiree Invites arrived in the mail today !  I am so pleased with them ! 





I can’t wait to get feedback from my guests once they receive these ! 

My baby shower is a Diamonds & Diapers Themed Tea Party and guests are wearing all white !

The invites are a heavy linen paper with a satin interior and it dons a dark silver satin ribbon.  My sister is going to add a “diamond” in the center of the ribbon and I will be putting them in the mail in a week after I hand address them all.

Woot woot !!

Baby Girl’s First Care Package – The 411

Today, baby girl and I got a surprise package from my dear sister girl and fellow blogsister all the way from Canada !!   Everyone knows that I decided to do African Animals as the theme in the baby’s room and I wanted the colors to be gray and white with Tangerine being the pop of color.  In fact, I will be doing those colors throughout the entire West Coast home.



I was brought to tears when I opened the package to see a gorgeous white baby blanket, that little Miss will come home in, and these adorable baby booties with African animals on them !!

I can’t wait to put those on her little feet. 

I can’t tell you how great it feels to be carrying this little blessing and how amazing it feels to feel the love of those around me.   This little girl and I are so blessed !!

Sixteen Week Level Two Scan – The 411


Yesterday, I had my level two sonogram at Lenox Hill Hospital- Black Hall.   My baby is a drama queen apparently.  As you can see above, as soon as the doctor put the wand on my belly, Little Miss covered her face !

All was well with her scan and after, I met with my high risk doc, Dr. Eran Borenstein, and he went over the scan results and explained what will take place at my next scan at 20 weeks.

After the appointment, my driver dropped my mom and I off at my car which was parked at a garage near my old apartment on the UES.  We drove out to Secaucus NJ to eat lunch and check into the hotel outside the city for the next few nights.   I ran into Fantasia Barino and her band in the lobby and I chatted with them for a bit before heading upstairs to my suite.

They are performing at the Prudential Center on Thursday night.

This morning, my mom and I came into Manhattan and did a little shopping prior to my tour of the hospital birthing center.   I was pleasantly surprised during the tour and love the rooms and the staff was really nice, cordial and engaging.  The hospital as the top security system in the nation.  I was relieved that I won’t have to worry about my privacy being compromised and my child coming up missing !



Tomorrow, I have a prenatal appointment with Dr. Karamitsos and will get a script for my breast pump. I am not sure what the appointment will entail.

Here are some pics of my darling little Queen !




Still Ten Weeks ! – The 411

IVF #6 - 10 wks kumquat


How Far Along?

10 weeks 2 days

How Big Is The Little One?

My baby is the size of kumquat.

Total Weight Gain / Loss?

I have lost 1.5 pounds since I last weighed on Friday.

Maternity Clothes?

I ordered a maternity vegan leather jacket and three maternity body con dresses from Haute Couture , which is a part of Nordstrom.


I am assuming because of the anemia, I am pretty wiped out and want to nap in the middle to the day. With losing an hour, I am sure that is playing a big role today.  I am sleeping all night with the exception of waking up to urinate.

Best Moment of the Week?

Today, I found a lot of Burts Bees Organic baby items at TJ Maxx. I am finally starting to relax and accept that this IS happening !  I am anxious to find out what the sex of the baby is so that I can start planning with an event planner for my gender reveal party and come up with a theme for my baby shower in NYC this summer.


I am very tired and not hungry.

Food Cravings?

None.  I have no hunger.

Food Aversions?

Everything tastes funny to me.  It is either too sweet or too salty or just plain not good !


Holding out hope for Team Pink !

Labor Signs?

None.. too soon !

What I Miss?


What I Am Looking Forward To?

Nurturing, guiding and loving my children.


I have a little pouch but this week, it looks smaller to me for some reason.  My mom says its bigger.  Guess I am getting used to seeing it…

Navel In/Out?


Baby Purchases?

Burts Bees organic cotton body suits and bibs, Burts Bees organic cotton outfits, 2 gray baby blankets, one ivory knitted cable blanket, baby grooming kit, Stokke Xplory Black Melange Stroller system and a Maxi Cosi Prezi Infant Carseat (for a STEAL on

Happy Sabbath !


My morning started with a run to the grocery store to purchase five newspapers so that I could stock up on the inserts.  In my boredom, I started extreme couponing lol.   I was hunting down the P&G inserts so that I could collect the $3 off each Tide or Gain Pods and $2 off the bottles of Tide Free and Clear ! I also found a website and ordered 15 more inserts which are coming in the mail on Tuesday.  I hit the motherload of pay dirt !   I went to CVS and bought the Tide Free and Clear for $5.34 each – the $2 off coupons = $3.34 per bottle.  I then saved $29 and only spent almost $7 with the reward bucks.  At Walmart, I purchased five Tide and Gain Pods for $3.97 each then used the $3 off coupon = $.97 each bag !! I saved $15 and only spent almost $6 out of pocket.   When my mailers come, I will go back and purchase 15 more bottles of Free and Clear and 15 more pods !

I learned of a neat diaper haul too !  I went to Target and my mom and I both did a baby registry so that I could score the gift bags.  Inside, is a bunch of coupons, specifically the Honest Company $25 off a $50 purchase !, a diaper sale launched at Target for $24.99 per box.  If you purchase 3 boxes, you get a free $20 giftcard.  Then pay for the items using your Target Red Card and get an additional 5% off !  So, I saved $99 on six boxes of Honest Diapers and only spent $50 OOP ! Target also sends a 15% off registry purchase coupon in the mail too!!

couponing haul 3

Valerie - jan 24

Anyway, I have had a busy day cooking today !  I made blueberry muffins and bacon for breakfast before my coupon shopping hauls then came back in an whipped up Cinnamon Rum Soaked Raisin Bread.  For dinner, I made garlic mushroom chicken, buttered egg noodles, collards, and squash/zucchini/onion.

Homemade Baby Teething Biscuits – Recipe

teething biscuits 2

1 cup infant rice cereal

1 cup King Arthur Organic whole wheat flour

2 tbsp coconut oil

1 mashed organic banana

2 tsp cinnamon

4-8 tbsp water

  1. Preheat oven to 425.
  2. Mix everything together in a medium sized bowl, starting with 4 tbsp of water and adding more if necessary. Mix well until a dough forms (I used my hands). Roll out on a floured surface until about 1/4″-1/2″ thick. Cut out shapes using cookie cutter or cut into squares. Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment and bake for 15 minutes.
  3. Let cool completely. Store in air-tight container. These can also be stored in the freezer.
  1. **supervise child closely while eating these, they should get soggy and goopy but I am not guaranteeing your child won’t bite of big chunks.

Homemade Gripe Water – The 411

baby - homemade gripe water

I ran across a web article for new moms.  I found this very interesting, especially since I believe in giving babies ONLY organic products.  (Courtesy of

Fennel Seeds

Fennel is a perennial herb found in the Mediterranean that is commonly used as medicine to treat colic in babies. Though it hasn’t been proven with scientific research, the anecdotal evidence says that it helps to relax the colon to release trapped gas and decrease respiratory track secretions (source: WebMD). According to my new fav book, Natural Healing Wisdom and Know-How (where to buy), Fennel also helps to decrease obesity, water retention, urinary tract problems, indigestion, and colic and it even has hormonal properties that can increase a mother’s milk supply.


Ginger, like peppermint, is more commonly used to treat indigestion because it contains chemicals that relieve nausea and inflammation (Source WebMD). Other uses include motion sickness, gas and diarrhea. I also use it in my homemade cough medicine and find it works very well.

Dill Weed

Dill is also used to treat water retention, obesity, and indigestion. Fun fact – Native Americans chewed on dill seeds to curb their appetites during long church services! (Also found in my new fav book). There are some chemicals in dill that are thought to relax muscles and increase urine like a water pill (source WebMD).


Chamomile is one of those herbs that can help with a multitude of ailments – from rashes to ulcers and menstrual pain, it also helps with indigestion, anxiety and insomnia – all of which are perfect for tiny people and their tummies.

This recipe is very flexible – other herbs/teas that would work well include catnip and peppermint. The two most important ingredients are fennel and ginger

baby - homemade gripe water 2

How to Make the Tea/Gripe Water

With Tea Bags

Essentially, gripe water is just herbal tea and there are two ways I thought of to make it. The super easy way and the super duper easy way. The first one is just to buy (I like Traditional Medicinals herbal teas) ginger (where to buy), fennel (where to buy), chamomile (chamomile), and/or peppermint (peppermint) teas. Put them all in a mug, pour hot water over it and steep for at least five minutes. Then add 1 teaspoon of organic, raw sugar. Let it cool and refrigerate to store.

With Loose Herbs & Tea Bags

Fresh would be best, I suppose, but I’m a little too lazy and occupied with three under four to do that. So, I opted for loose, dried herbs and bags of tea (when I couldn’t find loose dry herbs) that I bought at the grocery store. I found Dill Weed (where to buy), Ginger (where to buy) and Fennel (where to buy) in the spice aisle, but it’s easier to find organic on Amazon. Then, I used bags of Lemon Ginger Tea (where to buy) and drank it a lot during pregnancy when I was nauseous) and Chamomile (where to buy) tea.

Just like in the picture below:

  • I put the tea bags in the mug and the loose herbs in the tea strainer (where to buy) and poured about 1 cup of hot water over all of it.
  • Steep for about 10 minutes or just until it starts to get more strong (and also potent, which is good).
  • If you find your’s is too strong and your baby doesn’t like it (cue really cute, squished up nose), then just add some water to dilute it.
  • Then, LET IT COOL! It’s common sense, but ya know, we all forsake common sense in moments of exhaustion with a screaming baby. So, if you need it fast, maybe throw an ice cube in it.
  • Add sweetener – You may find your baby will take it without sugar, but mine sure doesn’t like it. He does just fine when I add 1 tsp. of organic, raw cane sugar or coconut palm sugar.
  • DOSAGE – 1 teaspoon.
  • Refrigerate – to store and up to two weeks. HELPFUL TIP – I never use more than one cup of it in two weeks, so next time I make it I’ll put some in ice cube trays and freeze it. Then, thaw it under hot water when I need it.

baby - homemade gripe water 3

You Could Also Use…

Essential oils! They work wonderfully to calm fussy babies and rowdy children. I’ve used it with a lot of success on my kids.

  • Dilute 2-3 drops Fennel, German Chamomile, Melissa, or Marjoram in a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil (where to buy), sweet almond oil (where to buy) or even grape seed oil (where to buy)
  • Use topically by diluting 1-2 drops in 2 tablespoons carrier oil of choice, and massage a small amount gently on stomach and back
  • Can also diffuse lavender oil in an aromatherapy diffuser while the baby is sleep to get the therapeutic benefits, or dilute and rub on the bottoms of the baby’s feet 2-4 times a day

Click here to buy the purest and most effective therapeutic grade oils I’ve ever used! Read my post on how to use essential oils for babies here!

Homemade Gripe Water for Colic in Babies
A recipe for traditional gripe water to ease stomach upset and colic in babies. Could help a person of any age, though!
Author: Sara – My Merry Messy Life
  1. Pour hot water over all ingredients and steep for about 10 minutes, or until it starts to get strong. If you want to make more, add 2 or 3 cups of water and steep for 20 to 30 minutes.
  2. Store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks (label your jar)
  3. DOSAGE – 1 teaspoon or 5 ml

How to Purchase High Quality Essential Oils through My Merry Messy Life