Busy Day of Acupuncture & Blood Work – The 411


This morning, I drug myself back out of bed, after going out earlier in the morning to get a breakfast sandwich, decaf coffee, and sweet tea, to head to my acupuncture appointment.  Why oh why so I continue to schedule appointments so early, knowing I won’t want to get up and out? Lol

After a nice relaxing session, I left and stopped by the grocery store to pick up organic eggs and organic milk so that I can get started on making sourdough vanilla bourbon pancakes and waffles so that I can get rid of my growing lot of sourdough starter, that I refuse to throw out ! I ended up cursing out a morbidly obese, crippled, evil old man because he turned his raggedy assed car into the parking space I was turning into, but I didn’t want my Audi wrecked up so I didn’t do what I wanted to do, and that was let him hit me then act hysterical and in pain. Lol

I got my items, left the store and then pushed my shopping cart right by his car door and the curb ! I know…. I’m petty ! Lol

I then headed to LabCorp for routine blood work and came back to the condo and made a quick lunch.  I am still awaiting FedEx to show up with this parbaked I ordered from Bocces in Buffalo NY.  (Which better taste like heaven for what I had to pay for it! )


It has been some rather warm days here and the beach is so amazing !  I have one more full month here and then I will be a Yankee again.  I have decided to do some traveling with my mom and work on my film project which I hope to shoot at the end of summer.

I hope everyone else is well !

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