Seven Week Sonogram Appointment – The 411

IVF #6 - 7 wk sono

Yesterday I had my 7 wk 0 day sonogram and blood work, mainly for my own peace of mind, since my OB and RE appointments in NYC are not until late next week.

I was disturbed by the fact that my baby is measuring 6w1d and should be at 7w0d.  I was relieved that there is a heartbeat of 114 bpm, which is perfect for this age. The heart rate has to be 110 or higher at 7 wks.

My doctor says he is not concerned about the measurements because measurements can vary from week to week, clinic to clinic and this is not a measurement taken by a doctor, but a radiology tech.  He said that the baby’s position and the angle could cause the measurement to be off.  He was only concerned that there was heartbeat detection and that it was strong.  He told me to stay on all my meds and continue with the autoimmune treatments just as I have.  The sono revealed that I have a possible funal fibroid, and I have NEVER had a fibroid before.  They were not certain so I am wondering if it is a hidden sac.  Fingers crossed.   I also have a small SCH (sub chorionic hematoma ).  I hope it absorbs into the tissue and doesn’t cause me any grief.  They come with their own risks, unfortunately.  I am just trusting God that He works this all out…

I am doing well, except the off and on morning sickness and tiredness.  I wake up to do my shots, take meds, watch tv for a few hours and then I am back in bed under my heated blanket.  My doctor told me to rest as much as I need to.  No need in telling me twice !

Today was a great day for me.  I got up and played with my two new kitchen gadgets !  I got the Waring Double Belgium Waffle Pro Iron and a Black and Decker one and made Sourdough Vanilla Bean Bourbon Waffles.   Oddly enough, I have never eaten them, though my clients, friends, and family adore them.   I prefer malted vanilla waffles with bourbon in the batter 🙂

I put the container of batter in the fridge after making about 10-12 waffles and then left to see Risen with my mom at the theater.  Great movie, though I am annoyed at casting choices in Hollywood.  They are never authentic when it comes to casting race.  Why not cast people who live in the region you are filming about?  Casting people and making them attempt to look like they are from Egypt by smudging dirt on them and tanning them up a bit is NOT cutting it.  It is fake and insulting.   One day, I will be in a position to make a biblical film and you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be authentic and realistic !

I decided to trek 55 mins away to this restaurant I read about when we first arrived at the beach and it was worth that drive !   Best food EVER !

I came back to condo and finished up the waffles.  I ended up with six or seven gallon size bags of these huge waffles.  I placed them in the freezer to ship out on Monday and also took a few down to the staff.

I am now in my pjs, about to peak at some maternity clothing online and watch old cartoons on DVD.  I love Looney Tunes 🙂   I am such a big kid !!

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