IVF #4 – 2DP3DT – The 411

baby- bloating

Today, I am officially two days past three day transfer (2DP3DT).   The progesterone is starting to kick in.  The sore full boobs, the weird slight bloat, the prednisone food cravings… etc.

I am a bit tired, but other than that, I feel good.  I guess what they say about every cycle being different is true.  This IVF cycle, I did not have the pain and bloating I had with the first three.  The 1st cycle was the worse.

Today, it is snowing in the Washington DC Metro area, where I am visiting my mother.  I only went out to the mailbox and I have been taking it easy.  My mother cooked breakfast at 5 am (she thinks about food while awake or sleeping because of the steroids they have her on !)   I was up so I ate.  I spent the day watching tv and cooking.

I  made homemade yeast rolls, cubed steak with onion gravy, corn on the cob, mustard greens, buttered rice and also chocolate chip english toffee cookies for today.  Once I finished prepping today’s dinner, I cooked the Guinness Beer Chicken I seasoned yesterday and allowed to marinate in a bottle of Guinness beer for 24 hours.

It looks phenomenal !  The sauce has brown sugar, scotch bonnet sauce, red rice wine vinegar, and ketchup in it.  I am going to make skillet mac and cheese for my mom to go with it.  Soft foods go down easier for her.  Her gums and mouth are sore and her throat gets sore off and on.

My mother’s nurse called her at 2 am after reviewing her labs that had just come in to leave a message saying her glucose level, because of the meds, has shot up over 600.  Her platelet count is extremely low, so they could not do her chemo yesterday.  It has been rescheduled for next week when her platelet count is above 100.

We called her doctor’s office to try to get her seen or have them call in a script for insulin, but because of the terrible snow storm they were not open today.  I am going to take her to emergency room in the morning after the snow has stopped and all the roads have been plowed.  They do not come to clean our driveway and sidewalks until tomorrow.

My sister, who is an RN has been on me all day to make her go to the ER as she is worried about her getting deathly ill because of the high blood sugar.  My mom used to be diabetic before having gastric bypass 10 years ago, so her blood sugar has not been elevated in 10 years.  With a compromised immune system, my sister says it is worse.  I would go out now, but the roads have not been dragged and getting into a car accident would not be cute either !

My my mom says she feels fine so she will just go in the morning. She is more worried about the “non-driving” people around here LOL.

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